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Soul Helper Oracle

Messages from Your Higher Self

Illustrated by Elena Dudina
Published by Earthdancer Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster



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About The Book

A 43-card deck and book to help you hear the whispers and wisdom of your soul

• Features full-color cards to connect with your higher self, understand your true feelings, accept what is, and find your way back to your soul’s path

• The guidebook reveals four companions to support your work with the message of each card: a crystal, a spirit animal, a number, and a plant essence

• The guidebook also explains how to use the cards to channel your inner voice and how to work with the theme of a card for a 21-day cycle, allowing you to make meaningful changes and apply what is revealed to you

Held within your soul lies your highest potential and your own profound inner wisdom. By connecting with the messages of your soul, you can discover the answers you seek and initiate a much deeper process of transformation and awakening.

With evocative and inspiring images and profound spiritual messages, the 43 dreamlike cards of the Soul Helper Oracle help you to hear and understand messages from your higher self, the whispers of your soul’s wisdom. Each card features four companions to guide and support you on your soul’s path: a power animal, a healing stone, a plant essence, and a number with a corresponding rune. In the guidebook, Christine Arana Fader details the message of each card and the supportive qualities of each card’s companions. She shares two well-known card spreads to use when working with the Soul Helper cards and explains how to channel your inner voice through the cards and reveal what issues need to be explored in your life. Christine Arana also shows how to work with the theme of a card for a 21-day cycle, allowing you to make meaningful changes and find the courage to face and apply what is revealed to you.

By immersing yourself in the guidance of these cards, the soul helpers will bring you clarity, divine light, and wisdom. They will immediately change something for the better, open gates for you, and lead you to happiness. Through these cards you will encounter your true feelings, be able to accept what is, find your heart’s goals, and experience wisdom, truth, peace, and bliss.



Your soul is speaking to you, calling out to you, keen to guide you on light-filled paths, but your lower self strays repeatedly from those paths, ignoring the call of the soul. All too often we focus on the storms of life, either giving in to them or fighting against them. At such times, it would be much smarter to listen to your soul and heed its advice to go deeper into the storm and find the calm within, the place of peace. Only those who try to outrun the storm will be harmed by it. Whoever turns to face it and is ready to search for the truth within will discover themselves and their own potential. And whoever has the courage and passion to push on through to the eye of the storm and bring the truth to light will redeem themselves and become the heroes and heroines of their own lives. Your soul is focusing on the essence of everything that you perceive as negative at the moment. However, if you recognize this and accept it with love, all this will change. Negativity will fade away because you realize that everything merely is. This deck of cards will help you to recognize the impulses of your soul and should be used with both care and respect. Remember that too much of a good thing is often exactly that. The key lies in discovering the core of an issue. Draw one card and work with the issue in question for twenty-one days. Explore it, find the very crux of the matter, and work with the recommended soul helpers.

Your soul is the part of you that completely understands life in all its infinite variety, the part of you that resonates in the most profound harmony, assimilating and accepting all things, even those that are terrible and dark. Your soul is the part of you that respects and integrates everything, maligning and rejecting nothing. It is the part of you that has the ability to take every step on your path slowly, mindfully, and with greatest enjoyment. You are attuned to and can feel your soul and communicate with it, and as you do so, you will enter an eternal space and hear your own divine truth. It is this truth that unites us, as it is the only truth.

Your soul is telling you to enjoy life, even its storms and silences, to treat everything as if it were a game in which you are the winner. It tells you to have faith in yourself and your strengths, and to trust your own magic.

Your soul is not an entity or being that you can see. It is energy, a divine melody, a matrix within which all your pure potential can radiate. It is intangible, eternally pure and enlightened, with you at its center. Feel and be sensitive to everything that surrounds you, everything you cannot see. Feel the sense of security your soul gives you. Home is not a physical space, not a house, town or city; you are home when you have understood what your soul is. It is only in your soul that you will find your true feelings; only your soul can give you the gifts of inner peace, generosity of spirit, and perfect acceptance of all that is. Your soul is the divine light, your true perfection.

We all have goals, plans, and dreams, and there is a force that is ready to communicate with us, ready to support us in achieving all our ambitions and dreams. I call this force “soul,” my pure and true self, whereas my body, to which I generally refer as “self,” this concentration of matter within my soul, is only a brief manifestation in this greater game. Your soul itself has consented to this concentration, as it wishes to be tangible, to be touched by feelings and emotions, and by taste, sight, smell, and sound.

Some people may disagree with my assertion that we are within the soul and that it surrounds us, as it is often said that the soul lives inside the body. My spirit teachers have taught me otherwise and believe that the body resides within the soul.

The natural world around us has a fractal structure, with repeating patterns and forms everywhere; this is also known as self-similarity. Romanesco broccoli is often cited as an example of this fractal structure, as it is very easy to see how the shape of the whole is repeated on an increasingly small scale within the broccoli “head” itself. We are made up of atoms and are structured like one. The matter itself is in the nucleus, the center, with energy in the area surrounding this core. Many people call this an aura or a light body, which is indeed true, but both belong to the soul and will not decay with the material body. Instead, they will live on with and/or within your soul. The body lives at the center of the soul, exactly where the spirit heart or soul heart is to be found; the soul heart and the heart chakra are directly linked by a thread of light, touching one another.

All matter (stars, planets, animals, minerals, and even humans) is made up of just three kinds of particles: positively charged protons, electrically neutral neutrons, and negatively charged electrons. Together, these particles make up an atom. How extraordinary is that? And we have the power to influence each and every one of these particles; they are the building blocks of every structure. We can reach out to protons with our minds, with the power of our thoughts and the vibrations of a healing crystal. We can reach neurons with a scent, through the powerful vibrations of essential herbal oils. Electrons are highly receptive to the energy of a power animal, as well as to that of angels and Masters. And the matrix in which everything is embedded and that surrounds us can be made to resonate with the magic of numbers. This is my truth and you are free to accept it, if it also feels right for you.

How to Use the Cards

Holding the cards in front of your heart, shuffle them and concentrate on the present moment. Ask a question, such as: What is the next step? What should I do now to become happy and free? Where is my soul path taking me? Draw a card and allow the image and the text to touch, guide, and inspire you. Then work with the helpers assigned to each card as listed in this guide.

Your helpers for twenty-one days
Four soul helpers are associated with each card. These are the vibrations that can support you along your soul path. If you have drawn a card and wish to work on the associated theme (releasing or reinforcing, depending on the card selected), you can work with these helpers. They possess an undreamed of power. Make use of them (power animals, herbal essential oils, healing crystals, and numbers; see pages 14–24) and keep them at your side for twentyone days. They will bring you clarity, divine light, and wisdom and will immediately bring about a change for the better, opening doors and guiding you toward happiness.



Reenergize in the Natural World
Let your inner hunter or huntress take rest.

You are connected with everything. You are a part of the greater whole. Your soul cries out for peace, for contact with your true inner nature. Immerse yourself in the natural world, the world that has surrounded you in this life since birth. It is calling you. Give your inner hunter or huntress time to rest, the part of you that is restless and always looking for something, the next “big thing,” the next adventure.

This card indicates that the time has come to take a break. It may also be a test. Listen to the trees. They will speak wisely to you and guide you toward your true potential. Cancel any appointments and arrangements and reflect on where you can really find strength. Give yourself time to love yourself and respect your innermost needs. Once you begin to focus exclusively on following the path of your soul, you will never be powerless again. Every step along this path will bring strength. Respect the decision of your soul.

Your place of birth is a power place for you—not the room or building in which you were born, but rather the area and the natural world around it. Someone born and raised in the mountains will never feel as at home on a plain as they do in the hills, and the reverse is also true. A secret lies in the place of your origin, your roots. This is where you can not only access your inner reserves of strength, but also experience the light of the blessing that your Great Mother once gave you. The natural world that your soul has chosen will always inspire you and mature all your experiences, helping you to make sense of them so that you can be clear about your deepest desires. There may of course be exceptions, but such people will not draw this card.

Your helpers for the next twenty-one days:
Power animal: Bull
Herbal essential oil: Nutmeg
Healing crystal: Sunstone
Number: 1


It Is Time for a Change
Do not wait or put off decisions any longer.

Everything within you is calling out for change, as is your soul. New momentum is in the air and new paths await. Change occurs through change!

Break down any rigid structures that can restrict you and hold you back. Begin with changes that are easy for you, such as cleaning the house or throwing out old things that you no longer need. Ask the hairdresser for a different cut, or buy yourself something new to wear. Do something daring, something crazy, something that you have always wanted to do. Then find some like-minded people to share it; change is more fun if you enjoy it with others who also want to alter something in their lives. Talking about it will give you further impetus and strength.

Now is the time. Wait no longer. This life is too beautiful to be wasted with avoidance tactics and putting things off, otherwise it could pass you by unlived. Begin with simple things and the bigger issues will change by themselves. The key is not to give up. Change something every day and you will see how wonderful things can happen. You are standing on the threshold of a gate of light. If, by embracing change, you manage to pass through this gate, it will herald the start of a whole new understanding of yourself. Be ready to face everything you find difficult to change, all the dark habits that are like pitfalls ready to trip you up on your soul path.

You hold in your hand a great opportunity with this card. Free yourself from self-imposed constraints and you will realize that many things are not what they seem.

Your helpers for the next twenty-one days:
Power animal: Phoenix
Herbal essential oil: Pine
Healing crystal: Amethyst
Number: 5


Your Deepest Desires Constrain You
Let them go to clear your mind.

To be happy means having no innermost wishes and desires. It is the only way for your heart to be light and your life to be free. The desire for things can prevent you from living in the moment, so make a decision to relinquish this longing. Free your mind and your thoughts from desire and feel how light and peace flood into you. Your destiny has not forgotten you; everything you wish for and are due to receive will come to you. You do not have to be a slave to your desires.

Beauty, wealth, love, and abundance can only be experienced and satisfied on the inside, in the heart. They have nothing to do with matters in the outside world. All you need will come to you. Be thankful for what you have and feel this moment deeply. Dive into it and be free. Gratitude is like a magic key, opening up the moment and leading you to freedom.

This card tells you to cleanse your thoughts and focus on everything that you have: your gifts, those you love and admire, and your life. Work especially closely with your power animal, the hummingbird, and it will reveal a life that is vibrant and free, guiding you to your hidden abilities and the talents of your ancestors that have come together in you. However, your mind must be clear and free from earthly desires.

Your helpers for the next twenty-one days:
Power animal: Hummingbird
Herbal essential oil: Rose
Healing crystal: Pearl
Number: 6


Release Your Creative Energies
Make use of them in your life.

There is a magical flow of creativity in all of us. It is unique and feels different for each individual. How these energies express themselves varies from person to person and from situation to situation. As children, we simply surrender ourselves to these creative energies and feel the joy they bring us, but they also bring inner peace, balance, and concentration, helping us to forget about time and to be in the moment.

Remember your childhood and the games you used to play. You were so in touch with the imaginative side of your character. Do not use your creative powers in the hope of achieving recognition and fame, since they will simply flow away from you and into others instead. The reason you have drawn this card is to help you release your creativity and to use these energies for yourself. Repressing them will only lead to their gathering and manifesting as blockages in your energy system, making you feel at odds with the world and discontent. Creative energies need to flow, so give them room to do so and make the most of them. Dance, paint, sing! Do not waste this gift. It will inspire and raise you to levels of which others can only dare to dream. Devote yourself entirely to your creativity. In such moments you can be very close to the divine Source and feel its eternal love within you.

Whatever kind of work you do, find some time to be creative now. This is of great importance for your soul path and will bring you healing and peace.

Your helpers for the next twenty-one days:
Power animal: Hawk
Herbal essential oil: Grapefruit
Healing crystal: Cat’s eye (red tiger eye)
Number: 7

About The Author

In 2000, Christine Arana Fader was introduced to the dragon’s energy by the spirit world. Over a period of ten years the beings of light and dragons instructed Christine, leading her to give meditative dragon trance journeys and dragon workshops.

About The Illustrator

Product Details

  • Publisher: Earthdancer Books (April 19, 2022)
  • Length: 128 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781644114681

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"Since 2010 Christine Arana Fader has been leading seminars, workshops, and guided trance journeys. She is deeply connected to dragons, Avalon, and the spirit world. Through her work she shares the wisdom, love, and insight she receives from the spirit world, thereby planting a light-filled seed for a new world in people's hearts. The author of the Dragon Wisdom oracle deck, she currently resides in Germany. Showcasing the artwork of illustrator Elena Dudina, the 43 card deck, Soul Helper Oracle: Messages from Your Higher Self from Christina Arana Fader is an extraordinary, memorable, engaging, and highly recommended addition to personal and professional Tarot collections."

– Midwest Book Review

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