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Chicken Soup for the Soul: Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries

101 Stories of Hope, Healing, and Hard Work

Foreword by Lee Woodruff
Published by Chicken Soup for the Soul
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

This collection of 101 stories provides support, advice, and inspiration to help you and your loved ones on your road to recovery from Traumatic Brain Injuries.

These are inspiring and motivating stories of hope, healing, and hard work for patients and their loved ones who are recovering from TBI.

You’ll read chapters on:

  • But You Look So Normal—What it’s like living with TBI
  • Self-Discovery—Embracing and accepting the new normal
  • Never Giving Up—The power of persistence and hard work
  • Healing Power of Mother Nature—Get outside and heal!
  • Acceptance—Rebuilding your life with your new reality
  • A Family Affair—Giving and accepting help from those you love
  • Attitude Is Everything—Staying positive and seeing the good
  • Coping Strategies that Work—Great advice from other survivors
  • Opportunity Knocks—New chances, new careers, new purpose
  • Making a Difference—The healing power of helping others

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