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Buddhas of the Celestial Gallery

Foreword by Deepak M.D. Chopra / Text by Ian Baker

The third edition in the Celestial Gallery series, Buddhas of the Celestial Gallery collects Romio Shrestha's rarest and previously unpublished t’angkas, surveying the many incarnations of the Buddha.

In the tradition of Celestial Gallery and Goddesses of the Celestial Gallery, Romio Shrestha’s latest art book gathers striking Tibetan-style mandala paintings featuring the Buddha. These hauntingly powerful paintings depict the life of the deity in eloquent detail and render postmodern interpretations of an age-old Tibetan artistic tradition in which images are painstakingly created using malachite, lapis, and marigolds, and painted at times with three hairs of a cat’s tail. These exquisite portrayals of the celestial spheres, known as mandalas, invite viewers to meditate on the Buddha’s message of love, completion, and connectedness. Also available in a lavishly illustrated oversize edition.

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