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Border Bride

In the second book of the Border Series by bestselling, award-wining author Arnette Lamb, Lady Alpin MacKay storms the Kildalton Castle in the Scottish hills, determined to reclaim the property stolen from her by her childhood nemesis, the devilishly handsome Lord Malcom Kerr.

Infuriated that her childhood nemesis turned Scottish lord, Malcom Kerr, stole her land, Lady Alpin MacKay travels to Kildalton Castle to seduce him into forfeiting the land back to its rightful owner. With her maid, Elanne, by her side, Alpin devises a plan to trick Malcom into marrying her so she can become the rightful owner of the plantation she has been living on for years.

When the beautiful Alpin arrives on his doorstep declaring her land—and herself—are for his taking, Malcom is thrilled. At last, he has her under his thumb, right where he wants her, and can get retribution for the damage Alpin caused by a prank gone wrong when she was just six years old.

As Malcom and Alpin plot their revenge on each other, each trying to claim what they believe they deserve, neither of them expects the flames of passion that ignite between them.

Arnette Lamb (1947-1998) was the New York Times bestselling author of Chieftain, Border Lord, and other historical romance novels. She won multiple awards for her writing, including the Romantic Times Best New Historical Author award.

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