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Behaving Bradley

Illustrated by Ellen Weinstein

"Before I'm done, that Code is going to have staff in it about what teachers do and say, too. It's going to make sure that everyone has to behave just as well as everyone else. I'm getting everybody to respect everybody if I have to kill them all to do it"
Brad Gold just can't seem to catch a break at Roblin Memorial High! First he's recruited by his best friend, Coll, to get student input on a set of new school rules, a.k.a. the Code of Conduct. Then, after Brad reluctantly agrees to help him, Coll totally abandons the cause. Not only is Brad left with all the work, but with all the grief as well! The faculty doesn't exactly appreciate his "student input", and the students aren't much better -- it seems like everybody wants to use the Code to change everybody else. Of course none of this beats the anonymous threatening phone calls, or Brad's being terrorized by the school bullies, Mandy and Candy!
Brad has taken on a noble mission, but how far does he have to go to in his call for mutual respect? More important, will Brad survive this call?

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