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A Completely Different Place

Perry Nodelman’s latest novel “successfully walks the line between light and dark fantasy” as Johnny Nesbit returns once again for a fight against the Strangers—this time for his own life (Lela Olszewski).

Johnny Nesbit knows all about the Strangers — after all, the fairies stole his baby sister a year ago. So when Johnny wakes up in a pink bedroom, in a strange house, within a glass bottle, he is certain the Strangers are responsible. Even weirder, the bottle in which Johnny is stuck is held by his former classmate, Cheryl Zennor.

The new, pint-sized Johnny must once again risk his life to put a stop to the Strangers as he fights to get himself and Cheryl home, and rescue the small army of green-skinned children Cheryl cares for. Knowing that things are never as easy as they seem when the Strangers are involved, Johnny is prepared for one dangerous escape mission….

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