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Alternatives in Cancer Therapy

The Complete Guide to Alternative Treatments

Alternatives in Cancer Therapy offers help for all patients coping with cancer. The therapies discussed in this book are primarily non-toxic, have few, if any, side effects, and tend to strengthen the immune system. They can be used as supplemental regimens that help maximize the effectiveness of traditional therapies such as surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Patients have a right to know all of their treatment options, and Dr. Ross Pelton presents dozens of choices, including:
* Shark Cartilage
* Gerson Therapy
* Mistletoe
* Isoprinosine
* Laetrile
* Selenium
* Beta-Carotene
* Hydrogen Peroxide
* Vitamins C and E
* The Hoxsey Treatment

Non-traditional therapies can enhance the quality of life, and improve overall health while treating the disease. Alternatives in Cancer Therapy provides information on the research, efficacy, potential side effects, and availability of each treatment.

Linus Pauling Two-time Nobel Prize winner This book should be of great value to cancer patients and physicians....A thorough, clear, and reliable account of alternative cancer therapies. I am glad to recommend it.

Earl Mindell, R.Ph., Ph.D. author of Earl Mindell's Herb Bible The definitive guide to alternative therapies. I highly recommend this book as a must read.

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