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Leslie Jonath

About The Author

Leslie Jonath is a book packager specializing in cookbooks. Beforelaunching Connected Dots media, she was a creative director at Chronicle Bookswhere she produced many successful titles leveraging partnerships withhigh-profile causes and foundations, including The Pleasures of Slow Food by Corby Kummer; From Our House to Yours: Comfort Food to Share with Meals onWheels of San Francisco; and The Edible Schoolyard with renowned chef andrestaurateur Alice Waters. Her most recent titles include the Miette BakeryCookbook (over 150,000 sold to date), The Flower Workshop, Give Yourself a GoldStar, The Model Bakery Cookbook, The Amazing (mostly) Edible Science Cookbook,and The Little Pleasures of Paris. She livesin San Francisco. Molly De Coudreauxis a San Francisco-based photographer who thrives on telling stories about food and culture. She works collaboratively to capture the essence of each moment through nuance and gesture. Her clients include Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Dandelion Chocolate, Scribe Winery, and Al's Place, and she is currently working on a book project with Bernal Cutlery. 18 Reasons strives to "empower the community with confidence and creativity to buy, cook, and eat good food each day," which they do through classes and community dinners. Passionate, committed teachers include farmers, winemakers, ranchers, crafters, and cooks who share their stories, skills, andknowledge on everything from knife skills to world cooking. As well, people can share acommunity dinner with friends, taste home­-cooked meals from around the world, and forge new friendships through food. Beyond its classroom walls, 18 Reasons offers Cooking Matters classes in low-incomecommunities on how to makequick, healthy, affordable, and delicious meals. Professional chefs and nutritionists volunteer their time for the Cooking Matters program, which reaches over 2,000 adults and kids every year.

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