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Ken Reiman

About The Author

Ken Reiman is a current United States Foreign Service Officer for the United States Department of State. Ken has served for over 16 years in the diplomatic corps as a U.S. diplomat faithfully serving the United States in every cone of expertise: political, economic, consular, public affairs, and management. From his entry into the Foreign Service in 2002, and subsequent first diplomatic assignment in Taiwan, Ken's career of service has spanned four geographic regions from Asia to Africa to South America and the Caribbean. Eager to contribute to the success of U.S. diplomacy, Ken has coached U.S. ambassadors and senior State Department officials, selected the future of the Foreign Service, advised Members of Congress, liaised with foreign ministers and heads of state, mentored diplomats, and trained foreign affairs professionals for overseas assignments in Asia and Africa. He speaks Mandarin, Japanese, and French. Ken is the recipient of numerous Department of State Medals of Honor and Letters of Commendation for his diplomatic service in advancing United States political, economic and commercial interests, managing crises, and protecting United States citizens overseas. He is the proud parent of two Japanese American boys: John and Max to whom this book is dedicated.

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