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Howard Collinge

About The Author

Born in Hong Kong to a Chinese mother and British father, Howard Collinge grew up in the world’s most remote city of Perth, Australia. After a brief stint as a professional athlete, he embarked on a career in advertising that would take him across four continents. 

Howard has won numerous awards for his creativity and has developed a reputation as a diverse thinker and storyteller who brings lightness, clarity and vision to complex subject matters. His work has created hit viral videos, sparked national debates and has helped launch music careers at The Grammy’s.

He has taught Strategic Design Management at The New School, NYC and studied Sustainable Business Strategy at Harvard Business School.

In 2021, Howard launched The Bank of Life Dollars, a long-vision investment company for the development of sustainable ideas and living. He is the author of Beautiful Economics: A Guide to Gentle World Domination and lives with his wife and six-month old daughter in New York.

Books by Howard Collinge