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Carol Omer

Photograph courtesy of author

About The Author

Carol Omer is an artist and certified life coach. She has been facilitating women’s personal development and well-being programs for over twenty-five years and specializes in creativity as a tool for change. Carol’s work takes her into many different settings and, whether it is a Big Girls Coloring Circle in nature, a women’s homeless shelter, or a corporate training room, she finds the same passion for creativity, conversation, and coloring mandalas amongst women of all ages and backgrounds. Carol draws inspiration from the floral and seasonal mandalas found in nature as well as from the stories shared in her coloring and conversation circles where women of all ages gather to share food and laughter, tell stories, and enjoy the mandala magic! She lives in Adelaide, South Australia, with her husband, David Salomon, surrounded by an array of inter­esting friends, loveable pets, and enthusiastic family members.

Books by Carol Omer