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Areva Martin

About The Author

AREVA MARTIN is an award-winning attorney, advocate, legal and social issues commentator, talk show host, and producer. A CNN Legal Analyst and co-host of the 2018 syndicated talk show Face the Truth, Areva is an audience favorite on a long list of shows from Dr. Phil, The Doctors, Good Morning America and World News Tonight to her web-based talk show The Special Report. 

A best-selling author, Areva has dedicated her fourth book to helping women worldwide recognize, own and assert their limitless power.

Areva is the founder of Special Needs Network, Inc., California’s premier autism advocacy organization. She has raised millions of dollars for autism, and has played a leadership role in advocating for state and federal laws to eliminate disparities in state funding for individuals with disabilities. Her extensive experience in community outreach and activism has positioned her to become one of the top female entrepreneurs of the 21st century. Those credentials, along with her humble beginnings in North St. Louis and passion for life as a mother, wife, and entrepreneur, make her uniquely qualified to speak on the current state of affairs regarding female leadership, and the need for an empowered female workforce. 

A Harvard Law School graduate, Areva founded the Los Angeles based civil rights firm, Martin & Martin, LLP and the health technology company Butterflly Health, Inc.

Books by Areva Martin