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Zachary's Wings

A Novel

When Zachary and Korie meet, their attraction is immediate and powerful. But their passionate affair becomes increasingly troubled by the unresolved conflicts that plague both their lives. Zach is an amiable social worker from a chaotic working class family, who bears the emotional burdens of those around him, while Korie is a Jamaican-born, Ivy League-educated reporter with a fiercely competent exterior that masks her inner turmoil. In this masterful and moving first novel, Rosemarie Robotham explores questions of race, class, sexuality, as well as the obstacles imposed by society -- and the lovers themselves -- as they attempt to claim true and lasting love.

Mark Rozzo Los Angeles Times An unabashed Love story...moves with undeniable momentum, much like its unlikely lovers.

Tina McElroy Ansa author of The Hand I Fan With A gem of a novel...a world of passion and tenderness, of fast city living, and tender family momets.

Sharon Shahid USA Today Lyrical...Robotham explores a relationship forged by fate.

Edwidge Danticat author of The Farming of Bones A beautiful first novel, Zachary's Wings will stir your innermost passions and joys.