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About The Book

Shift to a healthy mindset—and add years to your life!

In the United States, almost one-third of the population lives with a chronic disease such as osteoarthritis, asthma, GERD and heartburn, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or anxiety/depression and mood disorders.

Most chronic conditions are self-induced and are a product of our lifestyles and the result of an imbalance of chemicals that our own bodies produce. The good news is that Your Inner Pharmacy offers realistic options that can give you five, ten, even twenty more years of quality time that can delay, postpone, and often minimize the onset of chronic disease. By devoting ten percent of your leisure time to "healthy aging" activities (roughly five hours a week), you can affect the progression of these preventable chronic diseases.

About The Author

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Dr. Blaich is an internationally recognized natural healthcare expert, both as a physician and a teacher. His experience in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) spans thirty years. Following pre-medical education he obtained a Doctor of Chiropractic degree and became fascinated with a discipline and holistic approach to healthcare called Applied Kinesiology (AK). He maintains a successful health care practice, teaches seminars, and participates in many sports. He is not anti-drug; he is pro-health.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Atria Books/Beyond Words (August 2, 2011)
  • Length: 208 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781451654349

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Raves and Reviews

"Our healthcare environment is more complicated and confusing than ever. Dr. Blaich's book makes it easy to comprehend without diluting all the important health and fitness issues. His understandable approach offers you a true self-health guide so you can live life to the fullest, every day."

– — Dr. Philip Maffetone, author of In Fitness and in Health

"Provocative and informative. After more than sixty years of practice, my own observations parallel Dr. Blaich's advice. He expertly identifies techniques of healthcare that make healthy aging not only possible but probable. An excellent and practical source for actualizing your own health."

– — George Goodheart, DC, founder of Applied Kinesiology

"Having been treated by Dr. Blaich over a period of twenty years, many of the principles demonstrated in his book have been proven in terms of my own health. Your Inner Pharmacy empowers each of us to take charge of our health and to attend to the various challenges we encounter as we live and change—and ideally, ascend the ladder of our well0being."

– —Jackson Browne, singer and musician

"Dr. Blaich is one of the few geniuses in the field of healthcare."

– — Tim Gallway, author of the Inner Game book series

"Anyone interested in obtaining optimum health and fitness will find this book very helpful. Dr. Blaich is certainly an expert in his field."

– — Sidney Sheldon, author and producer

"Remember, Doctor, your excellent care for so many years enabled me to reach these golden years."

– — Sister Therese Cecile Pratt, age 94

"Dr. Blaich addresses in a clear voice the wisdom of the mind-body in the creation of health."

– — Amy Mills, MD Diplomat, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and American Board of Holistic Medicine

"Your Inner Pharmacy will assist many people to understand how to retrieve and enhance their capacity to deal with change and stress and enable them to function in a way that is required or the exciting competitive lifestyle that almost all Americans will face for the rest of their lives. The book is not only something to be read from cover to cover but will serve as a long-term resource as they encounter more and more challenges including how to age wisely and remain productive."

– — Christopher J. Hegarty, PhD, author, researcher, and public speaker

"I have been a competitive athlete for over thirty-five years. Yet at no time have I experienced better overall health, fitness, and balance than in this past year of working with Dr. Blaich. With his knowledge, patience, expertise, and healing hands, he has helped me attain the priceless state of integrated well-being, which has contributed to athletic achievement I never expected. A huge thank you to Dr. Blaich"

– — Ellen Hart Pena, public speaker, attorney, and Olympic trials participant

"There are billions of words written on health and healthcare. Where can health consumers possibly get their hands around the subject? The answer is here in Dr. Blaich's masterfully written, well-organized, and well-illustrated book. A rare and fortunate find for today's bewildered healthcare consumer."

– — Scott Walker, DC, founder of NeuroEmotional Techniques

"Robert Blaich has written a book about health—the real meaning of it—and about aging. He is worth everyone's time, even if, like me, one is a doubter. Unlike people with miracle diets or theories to fix parts of your life, Dr. Blaich shows us a total picture of how to live, making the most of what we have been given and balancing that with what we can do to minimize our individual shortcomings—those things that define us as much as our strengths do....Every time I stand before an orchestra and give an upbeat, I thank Robert Blaich. No matter what you do in your life, I believe you will thank him too."

– — John Mauceri, conductor of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra

"This book will benefit anyone interested in more good years of life, and that is all of us. Dr. Blaich's clear and interesting storytelling of the latest scientific evidence for natural and complementary approaches will hold your interest and change your life for the better."

– — John F. Thie, DC, found of Touch for Health

"One of the great memories I have of Bob is when he cautiously intruded into my life and invited himself to be my personal physician at the 1984 Olympic games. Looking back, I know that without his support, that day I won the gold would not have ended with the success that it did."

– — Alexi Grewal, Olympic Gold Medalist in men's cycling

"Dr. Blaich has presented a tremendous amount of material in Your Inner Pharmacy and explained it in a way that the average person can understand. I will definitely recommend this book to all my patients so that they can make more informed choices in deciding their healthcare options."

– — James M. Kennedy, DDS, former president of the Holistic Dental Association

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