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Your Best Health Care Now

Get Doctor Discounts, Save With Better Health Insurance, Find Affordable Prescriptions

About The Book

Inspired by his viral New York Times article, prize-winning investigative journalist Frank Lalli details how he mastered the ins and outs of health care—and how you, too, can get the best care for your money.

Frank Lalli, the former editor of Money and George magazines, has devoted his career to getting to the bottom of a good story. When he was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a rare but potentially deadly blood cancer, he put his reporter’s instincts to work and got the wonder drug he needed at an affordable price—thousands of dollars less than he was told he would have to spend. Amazed by the complex and arbitrary nature of the health care system, he decided to share what he has learned as his own Health Care Detective so that others can find their best care and save money, too.

Based on three years of research and more than 300 first-hand interviews with experts, Your Best Health Care Now is your easy-to-follow, real-world guide to making today’s health system work for you. You’ll learn all the smart moves and timely tips to get better care and save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars—no matter what your concerns may be. Whether you’re trying to book a free check-up or negotiate with a surgeon, looking for an effective generic drug or the best price for a brand-name, or worrying about high insurance deductibles and rising premiums or a stack of surprise bills, Your Best Health Care Now has the answers you need to take charge of your wellbeing.

About The Author

Lloyd Ziff

Frank Lalli has chronicled his experience with the health care system in the New York Times op-ed piece “A Health Insurance Detective Story.” He has since become The Health Care Detective™ in a variety of publications and media outlets, including regular commentary on news and health for National Public Radio’s Robin Hood Radio. Throughout his thirty-plus years of experience in editorial and journalism, he has worked as an investigative reporter for Forbes, served as editor of Money and George magazines, appeared as a specialist on Today, Good Morning America, and Nightline, and is currently the special health correspondent for Parade. Lalli was named one of the top 100 business journalists of the twentieth century by TJFR, and has won the three most prestigious prizes for excellence in financial journalism: The John Hancock, the University of Missouri, and the Gerald Loeb awards.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Atria Books (September 20, 2016)
  • Length: 352 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781501132865

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Raves and Reviews

“Frank Lalli is a world-class journalist who used his own cancer diagnosis to explore what the rest of us need to know about the best way to navigate the complex health-care system. His advice has been invaluable to me and I am confident it will become that for so many others.

– Tom Brokaw

“Frank Lalli, one of America's best business journalists, has produced the single most indispensable guide to helping people get the best health care possible at the best price As someone who quakes at the thought of confronting distant bureaucracies, I found this eminently readable book – jammed with specific case studies, phone numbers and web sites – hugely comforting. You need this book.”

– Jeff Greenfield

“Prize-winning journalist Frank Lalli uses his journey with bone marrow cancer multiple myeloma, coupled with the experiences of many other patients, to create a treasured resource to get cutting-edge care at affordable prices. He both identifies obstacles and then provides real world examples of how to overcome them. He provides critical lessons not only for patients and their families, but also for caregivers and health care administrators, as we together assure that patients can benefit from today’s most exciting treatment advances.”

– Dr. Kenneth Anderson

“This highly accessible and well-organized guide to getting through the maze known as our health care system is chock-full of useful clues for getting the care that you and your family need – and deserve!”

– Jill Goodman, Co-Founder of Robin Hood Radio

“Frank Lalli has written a ‘GPS’ to help patients navigate the twists, turns, and surprises of healthcare, including insurance benefits. For example, don’t miss the chapters on managing the cost of prescription drugs.”

– Dr. Richard Levine

“Like many Americans,I have gone through a long family medical crisis. I only wish that there had been a Health Care Detective at my side in those terrible years. Keep this book at your side."

– Richard Reeves, Senior Lecturer at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California

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