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Yoga of Light

Awaken Chakra Energies through the Triangles of Light

Published by Findhorn Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster



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About The Book

Move into a fifth-dimensional way of living by engaging the energy lines between the chakras that form energetic triangles of light

• Includes illustrated, step-by-step instructions for yoga asanas with explanations of the triangles of light created by each as well as their specific health benefits

• Explains how the triangles of light energize the body, wake up our cells, and connect us to our own inner light

• Introduces the 10 major and 21 minor chakras that form the triangles of light

• Paper with French flaps

We are all beings of light. Our bodies are pervaded and rejuvenated by energy lines between our major and minor chakras. When we practice yoga asanas (postures), these energy lines create triangles of light that connect us to universal light and energy. Focusing on them and feeling them during yoga practice can raise our vibrational frequency and help us move toward yoga’s eighth step--the state of enlightenment.

Drawing on yoga’s original teachings, Yoga of Light reveals how to awaken and energize the chakra triangles of light with the practice of asanas, breathing, visualization, and meditation. Exploring the universal web of light and our place within it, as well as the body’s electromagnetic field, or aura, yoga expert Pauline Wills provides a concise introduction to the ten major and twenty-one minor chakras instrumental in forming the yoga triangles of light. You will discover how visualizing and, eventually, feeling these triangles as you practice the postures energizes the body, allowing you to connect to your own inner light. This wakes up all cells in the body and imbues them with increased energy. The triangles also firmly connect us to the sacred geometry of the universe, aligning us with the greater cosmos.

The author includes an illustrated, step-by-step guide to the asanas, detailing how to perform them correctly, and clearly explains and depicts the triangles of light formed within each posture and their specific health benefits. She also includes a series of exercises and breathing techniques to affect and increase control of prana, the life force within the body, as well as simple exercises, warm-up movements, meditations, and visualizations to help familiarize yourself with the major chakras instrumental in forming the triangles of light.

Yoga of Light reveals how, by working with the triangles of light, we can each become more aware of our connection to the web of light and the greater universe. This book, for beginners and advanced practitioners alike, shows how anyone can increase the benefits of their yoga practice by engaging and energizing the triangles of light.


Chapter 3. The Web of Light

Our ancestors were aware of a web of energy that connects and interpenetrates all things.

The Shape of Light

In sacred geometry, the solid figure related to the ether--the subtle energy that surrounds all objects--is the dodecahedron. This solid has twelve faces, each of which is a pentagram, one of the most potent sacred symbols. When correctly drawn, the pentagram has four points forming a square and the fifth point in mid-heaven. To some extent, it’s the symbol of man, with the two lower points representing the feet, the two middle points the arms and the upper point the head. The pentagram is thought to be the shape in which the universe is contained.

Our bodies are also thought to be contained within a pentagram. If this notion is accepted, we could say that, as the web of light surrounds and interpenetrates the universe, so our own bodies are surrounded and penetrated by their own personal web of light. We might then argue that our personal web of light is derived from the nadis, the subtle energy channels through which prana (the life force or vital energy) flows and contained within the etheric layer of the aura. In this case, is it feasible that our personal web of light is responsible for the formation of the triangles of light felt and “seen” while holding certain asanas? I believe that this is so.

Chapter 6. The Triangles of Light

As you engage the energy lines that form the triangles of light, you will discover how visualizing--and, eventually, feeling--these triangles as you practice the postures energizes the body, allowing you to connect to our own inner light.

Using the Triangles

With each of the following asanas, more than one triangle of light is formed. First practice your chosen asana, holding it for as long as is comfortable, then repeat it to work with the triangles of light. At first, visualize just one of the asana’s triangles.

Then each time you work with this asana, you can visualize a different triangle of light. When you feel ready, you can start to visualize all of the triangles. When you’ve formed the triangle or triangles present in the asana you’re practicing, visualize them filling with white pranic light, energizing and bringing into balance the parts of the body each triangle works with. At first you may have difficulty visualizing the triangles, but with practice it becomes much easier. Remember, we’re beings of light and we need light for our well-being.

A new dimension

At this time in Earth’s history, the planet and its inhabitants are on the verge of a quantum leap into the fifth dimension. We’re already starting to move from the third dimension, one very much connected to our emotions, our thoughts, and our earthly survival, into the fourth dimension--one where we have to look at ourselves and let go of everything that we no longer resonate with. It’s a dimension where all institutions are breaking down in order to facilitate new growth and a new way of living. This isn’t a very comfortable period, but one that’s necessary if we and all things on Earth are to move into the fifth dimension.

One of the key issues we have to contend with is fear. This emotion has the power to stop us moving forward into the light of our true being. Endeavoring to overcome fear and other negative emotions and thoughts will enable us to pass eventually through the fourth into the fifth dimension. Another challenge when we pass through the fourth dimension is to start working to open the heart chakra--the chakra of unconditional love.

One way to open the heart chakra is to visualize any triangle involving that chakra filling with pale pink light. Pink is the colour of unconditional love. TRIKONASANA (triangle posture)

Standing upright, walk your feet about 1 m (3 ft) apart. Turn your right foot outward 90 degrees and turn your left foot slightly towards your right foot. Adjust your feet so that the heel of the right foot is in line with the arch of the left foot. Extend both arms horizontally, then bend sideways, taking your right arm down and placing your hand as far down your right leg as possible. Eventually, with practice, the right hand can be placed on the floor by the outside of theright foot.

Extend your left arm upwards, palm facing forwards. Rotate your trunk from the hips to open your chest. Turn your head to look up at the upstretched arm. To ensure that the position of the body is correct, this posture can be done against a wall.

If you use a wall, when you rotate your trunk, your back and both shoulders should touch the wall. There are three main triangles of light connected with this posture:

- The first triangle is formed with the minor chakra on the palm of each hand and the heart chakra.

- The second triangle is created with the minor chakra on the sole of each foot and the base chakra.

- The third triangle is formed with the soul star chakra and the minor chakra on the palm of each hand.

This asana works on the hamstring muscles and thighs. It fully expands the chest, invigorates the abdominal organs, and strengthens the hip muscles. The main chakra activated by trikonasana is the heart chakra.

About The Author

A professional reflexologist and instructor with more than a decade of experience in England and Ireland, Pauline Wills combines yoga and color therapy in her practice of reflexology. She is the author of several books on healing, including The Reflexology and Colour Therapy Workbook.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Findhorn Press (August 6, 2019)
  • Length: 160 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781620559444

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"Yoga of Light: Awaken Chakra Energies Through the Triangles of Light by Pauline Wills, is a handsome 7” X 9” volume with numerous full color photos and illustrations, many full page. Everything about this book is luxurious, the feel of the cover with its French flaps, the thickness and feel of the pages, the consistent aesthetic throughout, all contribute to the top quality of this book. This book is a lovely coffee table book, but also a breakthrough book for those with the preparation to fully engage with the teachings inside."

– Laila Wilson, Tarot Reflections

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