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Who Do the Stars Say You Are?

From Your Favorite Rom-Com to Your Star-Destined Dream Job, a Cosmic Guide to Understanding Everything about Your Sign

About The Book

A fun and comprehensive guide to learning everything you need to know about each sun sign, from predicting your perfect game night to identifying your dream pet—perfect for any and all astrology fans!

Your sun sign can reveal a lot about you—your strengths and weaknesses, compatibility, basic personality traits, and so much more. But it can also reveal which ice cream flavor you like best, which TV show is perfect for you, and whether you’re a good companion for a hiking trip. You know…the important things in life!

In Who Do the Stars Say You Are?, you’ll learn to better understand yourself and your friends according to your astrological signs. You’ll cover topics such as which late-night snack is right for you, which classic 90s pop song perfectly describes your personality, and how to spot a Scorpio simply by looking at their shoes. Do you always fall asleep at the beginning of the movie and wake up halfway through with absolutely no idea what’s going on? You’re probably a Pisces. That friend who always orders the sweetest, most decadent desserts, even after a big fancy dinner? They might be a Taurus. And if you fall a little bit in love with every single pug you see, you’re definitely a Leo!

Whether you turn to this book for guidance or a laugh with friends as you compare your signs, it’s time to find out the truth about who the stars say you really are!

About The Author

Photograph by Syd Robinson

Syd Robinson is a senior staff writer at BuzzFeed, where she writes everything from animals to pop culture and has rapidly become one of the media company’s most prominent voices. She is the author of Who Do the Stars Say You Are?, a contributor to The Buzzfeed Ultimate Book of Quizzes, and collaborated with conservation organization Re:wild to write Wild Life. When she’s not busy writing, Syd can be found singing to herself, drawing, or running around Manhattan with her little black pug, Phoebe.

Why We Love It

“Your sun sign can reveal a lot about you, like your strengths and weakness, your compatibility, and your basic personality traits. But it can also reveal which ice cream flavor you like best, which unconventional pet is right for you, and the perfect title for your inevitable memoir. Syd Robinson’s unique and funny take on an astrological ‘guidebook’ will help you explore your sun sign—and get to know your friends and family—with interactive bingo boards, laugh-out-loud charts, and engaging illustrations throughout.”

—Julia J., Editor, on Who Do the Stars Say You Are?

Product Details

  • Publisher: Adams Media (October 11, 2022)
  • Length: 192 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781507218426

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"It’s the perfect coffee table book for astrology lovers."


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