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White Ash

Colorist Fin Cramb / Illustrated by Conor Hughes

White Ash is a grounded, fantasy romance comic book series set in a coal mining town in Western Pennsylvania written by Charlie Stickney and Illustrated by Conor Hughes and Fin Cramb, published monthly by Scout Comics.

Welcome to White Ash, a small smudge of a town in western Pennsylvania, where mining is a generational calling and the secrets are buried deeper than the coal in the mountain. As Aleck Zwerg tries to escape that legacy and head off to college, he falls into the orbit of the enigmatic Lillian Alden. Together, they race down a dangerous path, leading Aleck to uncover a secret about his family that changes everything he knows about himself and White Ash. And now, if he leaves, there will be no one left to protect the people of the town from an ancient evil that has just returned.
As they say in White Ash, "The smaller the town, the bigger the secret."

Charlie Stickney is a writer/producer/father living in Los Angeles with his amazing wife and two (mostly) lovely children. A twenty-year veteran of the Entertainment Industry, Charlie produced the award-winning documentary The Entertainers and helped create the animated series Horrible Histories and Cosmic Quantum Ray.

Charlie’s career in comics started with an internship in the editorial offices of Marvel.  After a dalliance creating stories with pictures that move, Charlie has happily returned to his favorite medium, with White Ash.