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When Your Parent Remarries Late in Life

Making Peace with your Adult Stepfamily

Learn to love your parent’s new spouse—and family

Dealing with stepparents isn’t just a kid’s problem anymore. With more and more older parents remarrying, you could be one of the many adults having to deal with the issues that arise from these later-in-life unions. Luckily, Terri P. Smith is here to help you out with what to do after your parent walks down the aisle, again.

Smith deals with conflicts such as:

  • Sharing time between stepfamilies
  • Managing family rituals
  • Figuring out what to do with prized possessions
  • Handling wills, inheritances, and trust funds
  • Living arrangements
  • Caregiving and illness
  • Building relationships with grandchildren—his and hers
  • Maneuvering holidays and vacations
These practical solutions and emotionally satisfying answers will relieve the strain of your parent’s remarrying, and allow you to enjoy your new extended family.