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When Parents Worry

The Real Calls Doctors Receive...from Moles That Seem to Move to Funny-Smelling Poo

About The Book

A bird pooped in my daughter's mouth yesterday. Do we need to worry about anything?

Sure, kids may say and do the darndest things, but concerned parents definitely take it to a whole other level. While these moms and dads certainly mean well, it's hard for anyone (even a pediatrician) not to dissolve into laughter when they hear weird and unexpected questions like:

Betty ate cheese from a mousetrap from which the mouse also ate. Is that anything to worry about?

Should my eight-year-old wear boxers or briefs?

I dropped off my son's urine sample in a Tupperware container. Can you please give it back when you're done?

From concerns about pickle-shaped poos to the risks of sitting on Santa's lap, Dr. Henry Anderson, a pediatrician in private practice, has heard it all—and now you can, too.

About The Author

Dr. Henry Anderson practiced pediatrics in New York City for many years and now practices in Pennsylvania. Dr. Anderson has been answering parents' questions with patience, understanding, and a wry sense of humor for over twenty years.

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