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What's Your STEM?

Activities to Discover Your Child's Potential in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math



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About The Book

Set your child up for a bright future with this new, interactive activity book that helps kids decide which STEM—science, technology, engineering, and math—skills they most enjoy—and where they most excel!

How do batteries work? How exactly does a bridge stay up? How likely is it that someone shares your birthday?

Kids are curious. And parents can help foster that curiosity and channel it into a passion for science, technology, engineering, and math with What’s Your STEM?

This engaging activity book helps children learn about STEM with a variety of activities. Working together with their parents, they can figure out what interests them now—and how it can lead to a career later on.

In addition to the fifty entertaining and educational experiments, this interactive book includes information on potential STEM career paths.

Families can work together to complete the activities, find out what everyone likes, and learn about jobs in those fields. What’s Your STEM? is a fun, family-friendly way to expand kids’ horizons and choose their own STEM adventure!

About The Authors

An Adams Media author.

An Adams Media author.

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Raves and Reviews

“If you want your kids to learn more about science, math and more, then you need to check out the book What’s Your STEM? … .Easy to understand and did a great job of explaining the concept in a way that my 7-year-old could understand. We can’t wait to try some of the other STEM experiments in this book!”

– Making of a Mom

"I am a former teacher … always looking for books that help parents feel more comfortable about doing science at home with their children. This book is not only for parents; I would also recommend it for use in after school programs, camps, and for homeschooling. It would also be a great for grandparents who want to do something fun with their grandchildren. You don’t have to have a background in science or math to help your child with the experiments. It’s also a wonderful supplement to your child’s regular science and math curriculum. What’s Your STEM? is a great resource book to own."

– Little Lake County

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