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Illustrated by Katia Vecchio

A young supermodel reflects on a series of events that, as a teenager, brought power...then tragedy.

Selene and Sophie are typical high-school girls. One day, when Selene’s period makes her the target of schoolwide humiliation, she realizes it’s time for a revolution. She’d have an army of her feminist best friends behind her…or so she thought. When the ferocity of the real world comes crashing in, however, Selene and Sophie’s identities are shattered, and they are left to pick up the pieces all on their own. 

Warpaint is tough and touching, an unflinching portrait of the beauty and complexity of girlhood.

Kev Sherry is a UK indie rock musician with the band Attic Lights (Island Universal/Elefant Records), a solo artist (Kartel Music Group), and part of the dance pop collective Disco Mary (Groovebound records). He is also a counterculture journalist whose work has appeared in New Statesman and The Alternative UK.

Helen Mullane began her career in film distribution, managing the release of titles for the likes of Studio Canal and EOne. Later she produced the feature documentary Futureshock! The Story of 2000 A.D. and various shorts such as the multi-award-winning Nasty. In 2019, she authored the remarkable graphic novel Nicnevin and the Bloody Queen.

Helen currently resides in northern Sweden where she balances writing and producing with sled dog training and racing.

Katia Vecchio is a comics illustrator from Italy who attended the International School of Comics in Rome. She is the artist of three books: Wild Strawberries at The World's End (Source Point Press), Warpaint, and Wild Rose.