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WTF? Women

How to Survive 101 of the Worst F*#!-ing Situations with the Ladies

Your wingman refuses to jump on a grenade.
During sex, your girlfriend calls out her ex's name.
Your wife went from having a sweet ass to a fat ass.
And all you can think is . . . WTF?

It's the one topic that pisses men off yet keeps them coming back for more--women. From hookups to breakups, this book handles the most f*#!-ed-up scenarios men face with the fairer (and far more confusing) sex. It's the perfect relationship manual for men, as it ditches the Dr. Phil advice and gives actual (if not always appropriate) assistance during the shittiest of dilemmas.

Whether you're striking out or getting down, married, engaged, or can't even get past the first date--this book provides a much-deserved laugh whenever the woman in your life has you saying, "what the f*#!?"