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Visionary Path Tarot

A 78-Card Deck

Published by Park Street Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster



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About The Book

A psychedelic-inspired oracle deck featuring magical esoteric symbols, shamanic plant medicine, tarot archetypes, and high-vibration patterns

• Contains all 78 cards of the Major and Minor Arcana of a traditional tarot deck

• Features intricate black-and-white archetypal and fractal images that act as binary codes of consciousness, allowing you to feel the inner guidance flowing from the cards and make intuitive interpretations

• Includes a booklet that describes the artist’s psychedelic journey with plant medicines

• Offers a direct and reversed interpretation for each card and a selection of divination spreads with instructions for laying them out

Offering a psychedelic approach to the mystical wisdom of the tarot, this 78-card deck by visionary artist Lucy Delics features a potent combination of magical esoteric symbols, ancient shamanic principles, plant medicine, and tarot archetypes interlaced with patterns and vibrational energies. Created over 3 years of immersion in the Major and Minor Arcana, the intricate black-and-white images on each card are like a binary code of consciousness, both depicting the inner alchemical process and allowing you to feel the inner guidance flowing from the cards and make intuitive interpretations.

The accompanying booklet describes how the author discovered her artistic path through ayahuasca and other shamanic plant medicines and how she was inspired by Celtic, Norse, Navajo, Dogon, and Egyptian lore and the culture of the Peruvian Andes where she lives. The booklet also offers a direct and reversed interpretation for each card and a selection of divination spreads with instructions for laying them out.

Bringing you into the psychedelic worlds of her visions, Lucy Delics’s tarot is imbued with heart and spirit, portals and rabbit holes, fractal patterns vibrating ancient songs, and pure innocence and magic that makes the cards deeply touching visual experiences.


From the Introduction

The story of the Visionary Path Tarot began when I arrived in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in the Andean region of Peru. I didn’t know what was waiting for me here, but as my plane landed in Cusco I felt like I had arrived home -- a feeling I had forgotten over the years of nomadic living.

It was 2012, a year I had always had an interest in ever since I heard about the Mayan Calendar as a girl during my Indiana Jones-Lara Croft dream years. I was finally starting to process the pain of losing my mother. I had found peace with my father’s death, although still hard, but for years my mother’s death had been too painful to even think about. I started to explore the healing plants of this world while I was learning about alternative ways of healing sickness. I became obsessed with the psychedelic experience and how it could have given my mother peace of mind and acceptance of death. Although I had a few beautiful experiences with LSD in previous years, they were largely recreational. Now I felt like I was discovering the missing link. I started to gather magic mushrooms, which grew all around this region, during the most pagan time of year. I also started to journey with magical truffles, alone in a dark room. I had some of the most profound experiences of my life. My intention wasn’t recreational anymore, but healing, magical, and therapeutic. This felt so archaic, like I was following the shamanic path of the ancients, remembering the plants and fungi, remembering the traditions of how humanity experienced mind-alternating states in dark caves long ago. I planned at the end of the year to finally visit Peru, mainly the Amazon rainforest, in search of Ayahuasca. I thought I was seeking something, but in truth it was seeking me.

And then there I was; it all felt effortless, like some Force was bringing me to the jungle. I was scared, about to drink, and my ego wanted to run away. However my heart wanted to stay. The first time I stayed for five weeks in the jungle, drinking Ayahusca and Huachuma. It was not easy at first to let go, to get over myself. Once I did, the magical transformation began. Spirit doctors healed my heart; I felt the love for all things inside, emanating from my being like a light. I had a vision of the divine, a spinning disco ball in the highest reaches of the cosmic attic. It projected holographic material into the darkness of matter, and it was into this projector that everything returned. I shape shifted into a large cat and felt a freedom unknown to human comprehension. A divine comedy, the system, the slavery of the machine I grew up in, I laughed it off, became free, and returned to my heart. It was my heart, the navigation device; the heart came first, the mind second. It felt wonderful to remember something so important. In the nights of visionary experience, seeing music, hearing color, I remembered my ultimate truth: I was an artist . . . how did I ever forget?

After all this magic I tried to go back--back to the Western world. I couldn’t stay. As the reality set in that I was an artist, I decided to stop cleaning people’s holiday messes in hotels. I stopped giving my energy to a system that didn’t serve me, and I knew I had to return to the land that freed me. I still had something to complete there.

As I arrived in the Sacred Valley of Peru I knew I had a task, a magic initiation to fulfill . . . the Tarot. Channeled from high up in the Andes, this is my gift to you, to help you remember that your dreams are just as real as mine. We can all dwell in the heart and manifest the life we dreamed of as a child. We are all free. I didn’t know anyone as I started this creation, and now as I write this I sit next to my beautiful family as a loving partner and mother.

My wish is for this Tarot deck to assist you on your path of discovering your true purpose. I hope it can bring you peace and inspiration and help shed some insights and clues for you and for the person who is being read.

From “Tarot Spreads”

It is my wish that your intuition should guide you to find which spread works for you. I personally like to use Tarot and other divination cards by picking one in the morning and diving deep into what the card’s meaning is reflecting in my current life situation. Sometimes I also like to draw a card before a ceremony or a hike into Nature and see what the journey has in store on a spiritual level.

The Three-Card Spread

This is a very popular traditional Tarot spread and is quite efficient at getting answers fast. It is unique in that there is not one fixed goal to be understood and is perfect for questions and is read by understanding the context of the first card, the focus of the second, and the outcome of the third. For example:

1. Past, Present, Future

2. Mind, Body, Spirit

3. You, Your Family, Your Relationships

The Five-Card Spread

The five-card spread is a deeper journey into the Tarot and can offer up more information on the problem or question.

In this spread the cards form a cross. The card in the center represents the current situation, the card on the right is about future outcomes, and the card on the left shows us the past that is still influencing the present. The bottom card represents the reasons behind current events, and the card on top represents the different outcomes when moving forward.

About The Author

Lucy Delics is a self-taught visionary artist originally from the UK. Featured in the book Women of Visionary Art, she lives in the Peruvian Andes with her family and paints as a daily spiritual practice.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Park Street Press (November 3, 2020)
  • Length: 32 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781644110607

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Raves and Reviews

“Bringing you into the psychedelic worlds of her visions, Lucy Delics’s tarot is imbued with heart and spirit, portals and rabbit holes, fractal patterns vibrating ancient songs, and pure innocence and magic that makes the cards deeply touching visual experiences.”

– Evolve! New Leaf

“This is a new, “psychedelic inspired, oracle-deck featuring magical esoteric symbols, shamanic plant medicines, Tarot archetypes and high-vibration patterns,” yet there is more to Lucy’s art than mushrooms and patterns. The symbolism of these beautiful cards takes its inspiration from traditional interpretations of the tarot and its archetypes, reflecting them in strong images.”

– Gaia Media

The Visionary Path Tarot is not a deck for a quick read. These are cards to pay attention to; to study in depth as you do a reading. Look at the symbols, feel the symbols. Let the images draw you in. Absorb the knowledge presented to you…We are leaving a very trying year behind and starting the journey of 2021. Perhaps it’s time for a new deck with new images and visions for the next adventure.”

– Candice Moore, Psychic Magic

The Visionary Path Tarot is an astonishing tour de force, an eldritch blend of great subtlety and fierce power. The reader should be prepared to sink into the images without judgment and allow them to speak. Once tapped into the wavelength of the deck’s imagery, readers will discover depths of meaning far beyond the basic divinatory meanings in the booklet. This one’s a keeper. Bravo!”

– Elizabeth Hazel, Facing North

"The Visionary Path Tarot invites us to explore the vibratory nature of the universe and how it shimmers in our dreams and visions. Lucy Delics has created a portal to the mysteries into which sacred plant medicine guides us. I really love the intensity of the black and white drawings, so rich and intricate. This is a deck that surprises; I see something new in the card images each time I look. This is not a “beginner” deck, unless you want to plunge right into the deep end! But it could become your “only” deck once you have spent time with it."

– Susan Rossi,

"Lucy Delics (aka Emma Lucy Shaw) has created a stunning black and white deck that captures tarot archetypes woven with spiritual symbols, plant medicines, and Peruvian images in Visionary Path Tarot. Delics has created a truly magical deck, rich in symbolism and imbued with hidden messages and codes for personal healing."

– PJ Spur, Musing Mystical

"It was a search for healing that brought Lucy Delics to psychedelic drugs and 'nights of visionary experience.' She doesn’t speak much of spirituality. Instead, she tells of making friends with trees, meditating in nature, listening to the songs of her northern ancestral heritage, and finally remembering that she’s an artist. She offers readers this tarot as a gift in hopes it will help them find their own true purpose. The cards are filled with vibrations, patterns, global symbolism, and universal wisdom. There’s no need to do drugs to experience the depths of it all. That was her path. These cards will draw you in and help you explore the secrets of the tarot in your own way."

– Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

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