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Valentine's Day Surprise

The After School Club

About The Book

Celebrate the month of February with the After-School Club kids as they discover creative and exciting ways to enjoy each holiday the month brings.

On Groundhog Day, Bo wants to find a groundhog and see if it will see its shadow. But if he can’t find a groundhog, will Annie do? For Valentine’s Day, Bo receives a special valentine… Who is his secret admirer? For Presidents’ Day, the After-School Club kids decide to elect their own president, but can Donald keep all of the campaign promises he’s made?

February has a lot of holidays, and the After-School Club has a fun way to celebrate each one! Join the kids of the club as they celebrate all of the month’s holidays in this festive book.

About The Author

Marilyn Kaye is a children's writer. She taught children's literature at St. John's University, New York. She is the author of over 100 children's and young adult novel series.

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