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Trying to Get to Heaven

Opinions of a Tennessee Talker

Read by Dixie Carter

One of Hollywood's best-loved southern a conversation you'll never want to end.

Known to millions as Julia Sugarbaker of Designing Women, Dixie Carter now offers her personal report on the possibility of happiness and an ode to beauty (inside and out), family, and the spirit.

With a voice that is funny, warm, self-deprecating, and instantly familiar, Dixie shares her memories of growing up in Tennessee, her adventures in show business, and her philosophy of kindness and grace. Whether it's the inside scoop on plastic surgery or the warmth of the home, the value of the family or the courage to be yourself, Dixie Carter has an opinion on just about everything.

Through accounts of her own personal experiences -- from career and romance to life with the wonderful cast of characters who make up her family -- Dixie spins a tale that resonates with all of us who are trying to become who we want to be.

Written to cheer along her fellow travelers -- whether they're struggling with physical dilemmas or decline of the spirit -- Trying to Get to Heaven is a call to live life to its fullest!