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Triple Your Reading Speed

4th Edition



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About The Book

This fourth edition of Triple Your Reading Speed does just that -- with self-quizzes and tests that make it fun and simple to acquire the skills that will give you an edge in school and on the job. The renowned Acceleread Method helps you to break old habits that may be slowing you down, and develop strategies for increased comprehension in less time, with
  • eye exercises to control and expand vision
  • drills for practicing pacing and block reading
  • strategies for mastering the "two-stop" reading method...and more!

Boost your reading power today with Triple Your Reading Speed.



From the mid-sixties to the early seventies, the Cutler Acceleread Method was taught successfully in classrooms to over 10,000 persons -- both students and adults -- primarily in the Southwest.

In-residence classes conducted for relatively small study groups developed dramatic improvements in individual reading rates and comprehension scores. Accelerated Education Schools, the name under which the Acceleread Course was marketed exclusively, operated for the most part in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

The schools guaranteed that all graduates of the program would be able to read 1,000 words-per-minute or three times the pre-course tested rate (whichever was greater), with improved comprehension. Records prove the average rate increase for graduates of the closely supervised, individualized course ranged from seven to twelve times -- depending upon the individual student's basic ability, the type of material being read, the purpose for which it was read, and other factors.

Comprehension, as measured by objective tests, typically improved an average of 13 percent. However, overall understanding of what was read improved markedly -- usually far more than that which could be measured solely by objective testing. An integral part of the outstanding success of this reading method was the intensive, specialized training and practice in developing previewing techniques, better study habits, and improved test-taking skills.

This book course contains all the necessary theory, explanations, drills, study, and practice exercises to enable a motivated, "average" reader to at least triple his or her present reading rate, and improve overall comprehension -- if the program outlined here is closely followed.

This is a tested and proven method; it is in no way experimental. You can put the techniques that are described here to valuable use by applying them to improve your personal/business success and educational prowess. Remember: reading is the basis of all education.

Copyright © 2002 by Wade E. Cutler

Previous editions © 1970, 1988, 1993

From: Part I

Learn About Reading and Yourself

In this section you will learn...

• that you definitely can read faster, much faster -- and comprehend more of what you read

• how to measure your present reading rate and comprehension with two inventory reading exercises and tests

• how you actually were taught and, consequently, learned to read slowly

• the important role eye movements play in determining your reading speed

• some of the many actual rewards of accelerated (speed) reading

You Can Read Much Faster

If you can read these words easily, you can read faster. You probably have some doubts or reservations. You might say that it just is not possible, that you can read only so fast and that is it. Not true! It is now possible for all readers (possessing at least average abilities) who apply themselves to the guides and materials in this book-course to at least triple their present words-per-minute rate, and improve overall comprehension of what is required or chosen reading.

What does this mean to you personally?

It means you will be able to read three similar books in the time you now require to read only one -- and you will understand what you read much better.

• You will reduce normal reading fatigue by as much as two-thirds.

• You will be able to keep up with the required reading of your profession or professional pursuit -- the paper backlog that seems to get bigger with each passing day.

• You will be able to read daily newspapers, magazines, reports, and letters in much less time.

• You will also have time to read a few of the current bestsellers so you can discuss them intelligently with friends. (It does get to be embarrassing to always have to say no when an acquaintance asks if you have read such and such book!)

• You might even be able to have a lot more leisure- and fun-time when you become an Accelerated Reader.

These are just a few of the many advantages of successful faster reading. You will no doubt be able to add to this limited list.


Wonderful! Read on.

A strong desire to improve reading speed and comprehension is absolutely necessary before a marked change for the better is to be either expected or actually noted -- know this from the outset. If you honestly desire improvement, you will drill, practice, and read with the regularity and determination that will assure you achieve your reading speed and comprehension goals sooner.

Perhaps you still question your innate ability to succeed with tripling your reading rate and improving comprehension. If so, contemplate the following statement: Psychologists have estimated that the average individual uses only about 10 percent of his or her mental abilities. Ten percent! What a pity to waste some 90 percent! If you are reading at say 100 to 300 words per minute now -- using 10 percent of your reading ability -- how fast could you read if you used 20, 30, 40 percent or more?

A primary purpose of Triple Your Reading Speed is to assist you to search out, perfect, and more fully utilize the wonderful skills you already possess. After you learn to exploit this innate "genius potential" for faster reading with better comprehension, you certainly should be able to make reading and study time a more meaningful, valuable, productive, and enjoyable experience.

When you learn to triple your reading speed, you will confront two pleasant scenarios: (1) you will be able to reduce markedly the time you now require to do necessary reading; and (2) you will be able to get much more done in the same amount of time. Either way you are the winner!

Copyright © 2002 by Wade E. Cutler

Previous editions © 1970, 1988, 1993

About The Author

Wade E. Cutler developed the Cutler Accleread Method, which has been successfully taught in a classroom setting to thousands of students and professionals.

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  • Publisher: Pocket Books (July 1, 2003)
  • Length: 432 pages
  • ISBN13: 9780743475761

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