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Town Without a Zip

Back to solve another postal mystery, this one striking particularly close to home, Eamon Wearie must put a stop to the actions of a man seeking revenge for putting him behind bars as he conducts a series of life-altering incidents.

Returning from his honeymoon in Hawaii with his new wife, Detective Mary Seppala, Eamon Wearie is met with the threat of an old enemy plotting revenge against the postal inspector that put him behind bars.

Returning to Maryland from paradise, Wearie comes home to chaos, learning that a disgruntled ex-employee has slaughtered the innocent workers of Postal Depot 349. When his home is hit by a gruesome break-in and a drunk driver nearly shatters his new marriage, Wearie knows he is the target of some life-threatening crimes that are clearly personal.

But behind the disasters is a madman’s scheme to satisfy a lifelong obsession and finally possess the woman he’s always loved. In order to get inside a criminal’s mind, Wearie must look to the deviant’s heart and the twisted love letters that reveal the mark of a killer.

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