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Tom Sawyer: A Modern-Day Messenger from God

His Extraordinary Life and Near-Death Experiences

Published by Findhorn Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster



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About The Book

• Shares Tom’s profound teachings on life, death, and unconditional love gained through his near-death experiences and direct encounter with the Light

• Includes more than 160 true and remarkable stories about Tom completing his mission to spread God’s Unconditional Love

• Details Tom’s death experiences and how in 2007, when he felt he had fulfilled his mission from God, he consciously left life on Earth

In the early evening of May 23, 1978, while making repairs under his pick-up truck full of firewood, the heavy truck crashed down on Tom Sawyer, crushing his chest flat. A 33-year-old Olympic-trained bike racer and mechanic, Tom was clinically dead. Fifteen minutes later, he came back to life, recounting his strange experience of going through a tunnel, having his life review, and meeting the Light.

Spiritually energized by this experience and endowed with supernatural abilities, Tom demonstrated repeatedly that the reality we believe in is an illusion, that walls are not necessarily barriers, severe health challenges can be healed in a moment, and it is possible to walk on water. During his death experience, Tom was charged by God with a three-part mission: teach that death does not exist, prevent nuclear war, and promote the Order of Melchizedek, in which he became a highly respected teacher.

Through more than 160 remarkable stories, Rev. Daniel Chesbro and Rev. James B. Erickson share Tom’s profound and enlightening insights on life, death, and Unconditional Love. The most complete and in-depth account of the life and teachings of Tom Sawyer, this book reveals Tom as a modern-day messenger of God who returned to life a powerful conduit of Unconditional Love, compelled to create positive change for humanity.


From the chapter, “In the Beginning”

The First Meeting

There is a Reader’s Digest exercise that asks you to write a story about the most influential person you’ve ever met. I would like to share some true stories with you about an incredible friend of mine. What this man embodied was (and is) divine. What he did with the life he had was extraordinary. The fellow’s name was Tom Sawyer.

This is not Mark Twain’s character Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn’s friend; this is an actual person who was born in upstate New York. His full name was Thomas Joseph Sawyer, an interesting name when you discover its meaning. The name Thomas is from the Greek word Didymus and means “the twin”; the name Joseph means “and God will add”; and a sawyer is a carpenter or a twig in a stream or river, which changes the course of the river forever. Tom fulfilled all those functions in his lifetime: he was a carpenter; he changed the course of human history; and he was a twin of the Essence of God.

As Thomas, he was and is a twin soul of the Light, functioning as a divine messenger to Earth and the human condition. Tom, having been homogenized in the Light of Total Knowledge, which is Unconditional Love, became an Ambassador of the Almighty, or a Messenger of God.

As Joseph (“God will add”), the human Tom Sawyer was spiritually enhanced by God and raised into enlightenment and total compassion. The contract between God and Tom called for Tom’s death and resurrection in the 20th and 21st centuries.

As a sawyer--that is, one who saws or is a carpenter--Tom excelled: he was a fine carpenter, indeed. For the second meaning, Tom’s contract called for him to change the course of the river of humanity by standing in the stream of consciousness. The result is that everything has been changed, and changed for the positive. He came back from the dead to prevent nuclear disasters and the assassination of the Dalai Lama and to foster new understanding about the nature of God and the workings of the Universe.

It was in the month of February when I met Tom for the first time. I was giving a lecture in Rochester, New York, at a Unity Church. Off to my right was a man sitting on the edge of his seat and intently listening to everything I had to say--I became very aware of him being there. Later that evening, he came and asked me a question or two, but I can’t recall what the questions were.

It was shortly after that that the manager of my TV program, The Open Door, a spiritually based talk show, asked me if I would like to know who my guest was going to be for the coming week. She said the guest was Tom Sawyer.

I laughed and said, “Becky Thatcher and Huckleberry Finn?”

But she made a reference to Raymond Moody’s book, Life after Life, saying, “Tom’s story is like that. It’s about his death experience. I think it will make a good show.”

For the show with Tom, I drove from my farm to the studio. There had been a snowstorm, and I had rocked my car back and forth to get out of my driveway. I broke the fan belt but didn’t know that was the case, so I proceeded to drive the 40 minutes to the studio. I arrived pretty much on time, and the car died. I met Tom, and he seemed nothing out of the ordinary. The stage crew and I did some camera and sound tests as Tom sat patiently, dressed in his blue sweater. I realized later that he always wore blue, as the color was reminiscent of being in the Light during his death experience.

Ordinarily, the show would have been taped in an hour and then shown during the course of the week, but as Tom retold the story of his death experience, every time he started talking about the Light, he would weep with the sheer joy of the memory of that experience and we would have to stop filming and begin again. We did the interview, and he explained the accident he had had. As he talked, I was visualizing what he was saying, and it was like watching a movie. (I was made aware later that he knew how I was thinking at that time.)

When we took a break, someone asked him a question, and he responded by talking about a little girl called Sarapha. Sarapha’s mother was Jewish, and her father was a Roman soldier; therefore, she was an outcast from both the Jewish people and the Romans and ended up working at the inn where Jesus was to be born. It had been arranged that Mary and Joseph would stay at the inn, which was operated by Essenes. But Bethlehem was so chaotic, as was the inn, the innkeeper and his wife said that there was no suitable place for a newborn there, and instead, they were sent out to the grotto, which served as a stable.

Tom explained that before Sarapha’s birth, she had asked God if she could be present when baby Jesus was born. The innkeepers had Sarapha bring the swaddling clothes for the baby, and she was present when the baby was born. Tom said that when Sarapha brought the linen and held the baby, it was the peak experience that fulfilled her life then and there. The rest of her life was full of turmoil, but she always had the memory of the experience of holding Jesus’s infant body. That memory sustained her for the rest of her life--this spiritual encounter with Deity. It was interesting for me to hear this story, since I had just recently read Edgar Cayce’s account of Sarapha’s life. After Tom related this story, we went back into production and finished the taping.

Looking back now, I am aware that Tom knew of my having just read Edgar Cayce’s story about Sarapha. It was his way of making a deeper connection with me and showing me that there was more here than simply someone talking about their death experience. It was the very first example of Tom demonstrating to me his access to extraordinary knowledge. At that time, I didn’t know that when he had died he had had access to Total Knowledge, but he knew everything about Edgar Cayce’s life and all of his readings.

Later, when we were going for lunch, I got into my car and found that the battery was dead, so I went with Tom in his car. He made an interesting side comment, saying, “Prior to my death experience I probably would have spit on a gay person--not now.” He wanted me to know that he was perfectly okay with who and what I am. I was not out as a gay person at that time, but Tom could see me totally for who I am, even though he had only just met me. He loved me unconditionally, as God does.

We went off to the auto parts store to get a fan belt, which he was going to install, because he was a master mechanic. Tom managed to get the wrong part, but in retrospect I realize that his “error” enabled us to have one full day together. In the years that followed, and over the course of our history together, we spent very few full days together.

On our way to lunch, we came upon a bus that was stuck in a snow bank. He got out of his car and went behind the bus to push it out. I sat in the passenger side watching him do this, not thinking it was anything unusual. Later he would tell this story, saying that I helped with the bus, but in my reality, I never got out of the car.

* * *

Death Does Not Exist

By coming back from the dead Tom Sawyer proved that death does not exist. There were many researchers who spoke with him about his “near” death experience, because that is what they believed he had had. There was a research group from Warner Brothers Motion Pictures, scientists from the University of Connecticut, film crews from France, and all these opportunities to tell about his “near” death experience, which was in fact a death experience. Period.

Albert Einstein theorized that energy cannot be destroyed; it can only change form. Water can become an ice cube and be changed back to water, but the H2O remains, and if not in that form, then perhaps as separate hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Likewise, we are energy when we come into this form, and when we depart we continue as energy.

Stephen Hawking speculated about the existence of neutrinos, then several years later, this invisible energy was discovered in Geneva, Switzerland; Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA; the former Soviet Union; and Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Scientists tried to capture it in a solution of heavy water to prove its existence. Tom told me that the scientists believed that only 5 percent of the Universe was made up of neutrinos, and that they had not yet realized that it is 100 percent neutrinos.

One of the main things about neutrinos is that they comprise the unified field; this is no longer theory but reality. There isn’t anything in creation that isn’t made of neutrinos, nothing we can see or not see that isn’t made of neutrinos. They don’t evolve, but because they exist they allow other things to come into reality. Neutrinos travel faster than the speed of Light, which is what Love does. The most interesting thing about neutrinos is that they have no death cycle, so death doesn’t exist in the Universe, for we are literally made of those energies--all parts of the Universe are.

Tom went to Sudbury to meet with scientists and physicists and assist them with their research. He could give them the answers to their equations, but they had to ask. He was not allowed to just give it to them without their asking. So here is a high school graduate teaching some of the greatest scientists of our time, which meant that they had to be open to receiving information from a “lower source.” Tom’s death experience gave him access to Total Knowledge, and when he talked to the scientists in Sudbury, he asked them why they weren’t up on their math.

What the scientists will never find in a laboratory is the nature or makeup of neutrinos, for that makeup is God. It is Unconditional Love; we are living in God’s imagination. So nothing experiences death. Change, yes; evolution, yes--there is creation and evolution. But the scientific community hasn’t yet told us that they have discovered that death doesn’t exist. What they will say is that you cannot destroy energy. The implications are incredibly wonderful, but I don’t think that they know how to approach telling us, or even if they have the courage to tell themselves. When neutrinos were first discovered, Tom and I met for lunch.

I said, “This is great, because it proves that there is no difference between you, a rock, and a hard place, so why can’t we have world peace now?”

He said, “Not quite, because this planet is a schoolroom, and we are here to learn about Love and creativity against a backdrop of greed and ego.”

Then he asked me, “Do you want to close the school?”

And I replied, “Of course not.” Then he said, “We will have a peaceable kingdom. We will learn how to cohabit with all sentient beings, but there will always be greed and ego. This is a planet of duality.”

Many books and films have been made of Tom Sawyer’s life experience in which he talks about surviving death, but he is one of very few to experience death who died and came back. I currently don’t know of anyone else who had a death experience and merged with Total Knowledge as Tom did. Jesus, who became the Christ, was resurrected from the dead to demonstrate to the human condition that there is no permanent hold on us in death. Still, many make a free-will choice to make all such things a “mystery” for themselves.

The neutrinos that comprise the unified field are no longer theory but reality, and within that reality is the knowledge that death doesn’t exist and that the Universe is constantly reincarnating. “Reincarnating” was a term that Tom used, rather than saying “constantly recreating itself,” because to reincarnate means to come back into the flesh. The Universe is not a flesh body, but it is constantly reincarnating, while the essence of humans reincarnates also. It is alpha and omega, then alpha again.

From the chapter, “Ordinations”

Tom’s Ordination

After his second death experience, Tom let me know that it might be necessary for him to be ordained in preparation for the work in Egypt, but, he said, it had to be kept private, with no witnesses. We picked a day, September 15, 1991, and I went to his house and picked him up.

Now, Tom always wore a blue shirt or blue sweater. Blue signified the feminine aspect of God, and he worked with that color. The day I picked him up for his ordination he was wearing a white shirt with black trousers. I was driving around Lake Ontario, looking for a secluded cove or beach, but I didn’t know the lake as well as he did. He knew it intimately because of the years of snow-plowing he had done for the city of Greece, New York.

He said, “What you’re thinking of is over here,” and we went to a secluded cove at Braddock’s Bay. I drew a circle in the sand and a fivepointed star, and put a chair down in the middle of the circle facing east. He took his shoes off, and I proceeded to do the ordination ceremony.

At his crown chakra, a bee kept flying around, and I was trying to shoo it away. After I completed the ceremony, he said that the bee had stung him on his left foot, his right foot, and his right calf. He went on to say that when the truck fell on him it had punctured his left side, then, holding up his two hands, he said, “I only need two more.”

He started walking toward the lake, and I thought to myself, “Please do not do what I think you are capable of doing, because I will faint right here.” He proceeded to walk about half the length of a football field onto Lake Ontario. He stood out on the lake with the water barely up to his ankles in an area that is at least 20 feet in depth. I was standing on the shore in ankle-deep water.

Then he bent over and tasted the water and said, “Oh, it’s a good day for Lake Ontario. There are only 18,000 pollutants in the water today.” Then he said, “Now Chesbro, don’t move. There’s a broken Pepsi bottle by your feet, and you can hurt yourself.”

I bent down and felt around in the sand, and sure enough, I pulled up a Pepsi bottle with the top broken off. Then he walked toward me, and as he got close, I could see that the only place that was wet on him were the cuffs of his black trousers. One of the priests had given me mala beads, so I took them off and put them around his neck, then we drove back to his house and met our wives. The individuals going on the Tibet and Egypt trip were ordained, and now so was he.

About The Author

Rev. Daniel Chesbrois an American Baptist minister who founded the worldwide Order of Melchizedek, a modern-day school for prophets, in 1986. Teaching internationally, Chesbro is the author of The Order of Melchizedek and lives in Conesus, New York. Rev. James B. Erickson is a therapist with a deep interest in historical and sacred writings. He was ordained into the Order of Melchizedek 30 years ago and lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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  • Publisher: Findhorn Press (July 12, 2022)
  • Length: 144 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781644115169

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Raves and Reviews

“It is a privilege to take an inside look at one of the most unique prophets of our time. Chesbro’s personal, long-time friendship with Tom Sawyer offers a glimpse into the mind and supernatural abilities of this Christ-like individual. The life and times of a modern-day saint is a spiritual journey for the reader. Whether it’s bilocation, meditating on the Ganges River, or healing a terminal patient, Tom truly was a gift from God. The reader will travel into another dimension of time and space via the amazing adventures of Tom Sawyer and Dan Chesbro.”

– Mary Grace, parapsychologist, spiritual teacher, and author of The Communion of Saints

“Over the past decade I have had the privilege of sitting at the feet of Rev. Chesbro as he would teach us and tell us the inspiring stories about the wonderful first-hand experiences he had witnessed with Tom Sawyer. I am so happy that he has finally put together this book of more than 160 true stories to enlighten and to inspire anyone who reads them. I highly recommend them to you! This is a book about modern-day miracles.”

– Rev. Gary Nobuo Niki, author of D.I.Y. ZEN and the Art of Gentle Emotional Transformation

“This book is a great gift to humanity. Those who read it will learn the power of choosing ‘love and creativity against a backdrop of greed and ego.’ These stories about Tom Sawyer can open a path to increased hope, healing, peace, prosperity, and joy at this time in the world. I hope you will feel as blessed reading it as I did.”

– Rev. Marta D. Ockuly, Ph.D., humanistic psychologist, educator, researcher, and CEO of Creative Pote

“Rev. Chesbro and Rev. Erickson have collaborated to present a compelling and easy-to-read narrative of what one person did to positively affect so many others and even the entire world. I found myself drawn in and continually delighted to learn how Thomas Joseph Sawyer was tuned in to the contract he had on Earth with the Creator and how he followed the guidance that he intuited. Sawyer demonstrated that death doesn’t exist, prevented nuclear war on numerous occasions, and served as a bridge between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius. This exploration of the life of Thomas Joseph Sawyer is among the best.”

– Jerry J. Wellik, Ed.D., professor emeritus of special education and master healer of Ericksonian hyp

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