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Tibetan Yoga

Magical Movements of Body, Breath, and Mind

Published by Wisdom Publications
Distributed by Simon & Schuster



About The Book

Discover the hidden tradition of Tibetan yoga, a practice of magical movement for wellness of body, breath, and mind.

In Tibetan Yoga, discover ancient Tibetan yogic practices that integrate body, breath, and mind on the journey to personal cultivation and enlightenment.

Tibetan Yoga offers accessible instructions for performing the ancient yogic techniques of Tibet’s Bön religion. This is Tibetan yoga, or trul khor, a deeply authentic yogic practice.

Drawing on thirty years of training with Bön’s most senior masters as well as advanced academic study, Dr. Alejandro Chaoul offers expert guidance on practices that were first developed by Bön masters over a millennium ago, framing them according to the needs of contemporary yoga practitioners and meditators.

No matter their level of experience, dedicated practitioners of Tibetan yoga will discover its ability to clear away obstacles and give rise to meditative states of mind.

In this book you’ll learn what it means to practice for the benefit of all beings, and to experience your body as a mandala, from center to periphery. These movements help you live in a more interconnected mind-breath-body experience, with benefits including:
- better focus,
- stress reduction,
- the elimination of intrusive thoughts,
- better sleep,
- and general well-being.

About The Author

Dr. Alejandro Chaoul is a senior teacher at The 3 Doors, an international organization founded by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche with the goal of transforming lives through meditation. He has studied Tibetan yoga for thirty years with the Bön tradition’s greatest masters, including the late H. H. Lungtok Tenpai Nyima, Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak, and Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, having trained in Triten Norbutse Monastery in Nepal and Menri Monastery in India. He completed the seven-year training at Ligmincha International and received his PhD in Tibetan Religions from Rice University. Dr. Chaoul is the founding director of the Mind, Body, Spirit Institute at The Jung Center of Houston. He is the author of Chöd Practice in the Bon Tradition and Tibetan Yoga for Health and Well-Being.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Wisdom Publications (November 23, 2021)
  • Length: 212 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781614295228

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Raves and Reviews

“It’s wonderful when thirty years of study and practice flow into words that bring an ancient and magnificent tradition to life. These colorfully named practices address bodily and emotional stumbling blocks to optimal living. They combine unique sounds, imagery, and movement as pathways toward a more natural and fundamental sense of being. Clear and authentic.”

– Anne C. Klein (Rigzin Drolma), professor, department of religion, Rice University and founding teacher, Dawn Mountain

Tibetan Yoga reveals a treasure trove of simple, deep body practices that profoundly expand the tools for most contemporary practitioners of meditation. While traditional Tibetan meditation and mind-training tools have become widely known, studied, and applied, these magical movement practices have been hidden from greater knowledge until now. Chaoul is the perfect guide on the journey of embodying this ancient wisdom—his devotion to scholarly and spiritual depth is complemented by his contemporary scientific grounding and expertise as a teacher. This book awakens not only the subtle body but also our sense of wonder and joy as we learn how to become the kestrel, the donkey, the tigress, the peacock, and more!”

– Eve Ekman, PhD, co-creator of the Atlas of Emotions

“An extraordinary teaching of the inner and secret practices of the Bön tradition’s yoga and the power of these practices to awaken and heal.”

– Roshi Joan Halifax, Abbot, Upaya Zen Center

“Alejandro Chaoul offers the gift of his lifelong passion for studying the ancient tradition of Tibetan yoga so that we may all benefit from these practices. Whether you are looking to heal your heart, body, or mind, this book sets forth a clear path to aid in your journey toward wholeness.”

– Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness and Real Change

“Reading Tibetan Yoga is equivalent to receiving the transmission of this ancient art directly from the mouth of a master. Chaoul reveals the secret of freedom through motion: how we too, can discover magic and wisdom in a way that is accessible, joyful, and liberating.”

– Willa Blythe Baker, author of The Wakeful Body

“Lucid and accessible, this treasure provides a rare portal to the hidden oral teachings of Tibetan yoga. Alejandro Chaoul has been permitted to share these in order to bring healing and wholeness to the Western world. A remarkable achievement!”

– Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown, PhD, Naropa University and author of Dakini’s Warm Breath

“Thorough and accessible, this precious book is a gift that opens us up to the unfamiliar yet profound ancient teachings of Tibetan yoga. Exquisitely clear instructions along with commentaries by Tibetan wisdom masters illuminate how these magical movements can clear away obstacles and lead to internal transformation at the deepest level, and to improvements in health and well-being.”

– Susan Bauer-Wu, president of the Mind & Life Institute and author of Leaves Falling Gently

“In this time when yoga in the West has become singularly aligned with Instagram-worthy physical prowess, Alejandro Chaoul’s new book reminds us that the real magic of yoga is how anybody and everybody can experience true transformation. The richness of Tibetan Yoga is the integration of inspiring wisdom with accessible practices that help us take care of the whole world by taking care of ourselves. Simply put, Alejandro Chaoul’s teachings on magical movements are a tremendous gift to yogis everywhere.”

– Cyndi Lee, founder, OM Yoga and author of Yoga Body, Buddha Mind and May I Be Happy

“What a wonderful book—Alejandro Chaoul’s Tibetan Yoga! How magnificent is the Bön Buddhist tradition, coming from one of the buddhas prior to our Shakyamuni Buddha, so well known today! Dr. Chaoul’s marvelous research into the text and practices is outstanding. And on top of that, his work to offer Tibetan yoga wisdom and subtle neurological art to cancer patients is pathbreaking, making it relevant to their healing! I cannot recommend this book highly enough as an authentic, creative, delightful, and powerfully transformative teaching that, if studied and applied sincerely, can change people’s lives for the better!”

– Robert Thurman, Buddhologist, author, environmentalist

“An open-minded and fascinating exploration of the practices, history, and context of Tibetan yoga. This book is easy to read while packed with practical yet ancient lessons that join movement, mind, and breath in imaginative, deeply transforming ways to bring stability and clarity on and off the sitting cushion. A must for students of yoga and Buddhism alike.”

– Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor, coauthors of When Love Comes to Light and The Art of Vinyasa

“In Tibetan Yoga, Alejandro Chaoul masterfully reveals important, yet lesser known, mind-body practices. Using the metaphor of magic, Chaoul takes us on a beautiful journey that is personal, historical, and practical. Providing a step-by-step approach, Tibetan Yoga teaches us how to incorporate these ancient practices into everyday life, resulting in profound improvements in the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of our lives.”

– Lorenzo Cohen, PhD, professor and director, Integrative Medicine Program, MD Anderson Cancer Center

“This is a wonderfully illuminating book on the central Tibetan meditative practice involving physical motion. With exceptionally clear, detailed instructions on the practices, abundant and interwoven contextualization, and two lengthy translations, Alejandro Chaoul offers a splendid gateway into understanding the ‘magical movements’ tradition in its theory and practice.”

– David Germano, professor of Tibetan Buddhism and executive director of the Contemplative Studies Center, University of Virginia

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