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The Way of Go

8 Ancient Strategy Secrets for Success in Business and Life

About The Book

For centuries, business, political, and military leaders throughout Asia have had a secret weapon for success -- the philosophies and strategies found in an ancient game called Go.
Now, Troy Anderson, an entrepreneur, knowledge management expert, Fortune 500 management consultant, and one of only five Americans to train at the Japanese Professional Go Academy, brings these philosophies and strategies to the West.
Leaders and intellects such as Mao Tse-tung, Bill Gates, and John Nash (the game was featured in the movie A Beautiful Mind) as well as many CEOs and political leaders throughout Asia are among the 27 million people who have played this simple two-person board game known as the "game of geniuses."
In this unique book, Troy Anderson shares the essential elements of strategy and competition that define the game of Go and shows how these principles can be applied wherever strategy is called for:
  • How to make use of limited resources and time to produce the largest gain
  • Which initiatives to continue and which to abandon
  • When to lead and when to follow your opponent
  • How to weigh competing interests among different units
  • How to enter a market where the competition is already well established
  • How to proceed to ensure success if the competition enters your market
  • How to create a strategic plan when the market changes quickly
  • How to go global but think locally

Go provides experience and understanding regarding basic strategic problems that no other art, science, or field, other than war, can readily claim. In addition to an enriching account of how the game of Go has influenced Anderson's life, the valuable lessons imparted here add up to a powerful prescription for success -- whether you are seeking professional achievement, better competitive understanding, stronger personal relationships, or simply a more rewarding life.

About The Author

Troy Anderson is one of only five Americans ever permitted to train at the Japanese Professional Go Association's academy. Anderson has been a senior executive with Red Herring Communications and The Industry Standard, the President/COO of Stockmaster, an entrepreneur for CDCO, and a management strategy consultant. Troy Anderson is currently a principal with the Way of Go, Inc., a strategic consultancy, and the Director of Knowledge Initiatives at the Fannie Mae Foundation in Washington, D.C.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Free Press (August 31, 2004)
  • Length: 256 pages
  • ISBN13: 9780743270748

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Raves and Reviews

Lisa Kimball Executive Producer of Group Jazz, Director of The Plexus Institute The Way of Go draws from ancient wisdom to offer a completely fresh look at the dynamics of organization strategy. Better yet, every chapter suggests concrete moves that you can make to move your organization into new territory. Anyone looking for inflection points for change will find a treasure trove of possibilities in this useful and entertaining book.

Philip Kotler S. C. Johnson Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University After reading Troy Anderson's book, I am going to recommend that companies seek out Go players to design and manage their business strategies. A delightful account of how playing the game of Go can lead to the development of a superior strategic mind-set.

Wade Lagrone Director of Product Management, Yahoo! Finance A terrific account. Thanks to Anderson, the strategic lessons from Go are available to anybody. There's a lot here worth learning. If life is a game of Go, one of your opening moves should be to read this book.

Allan Levy Managing Partner and COO, Business Performance Management, Inc. This book is a gem -- at once thought provoking, entertaining, and strategic. Simple yet deep, playful yet serious, personal yet business critical. A must read for those who rely on thought before action in the presence of uncertainty.

Myron Roomkin Robert and Arlene Kogod Fund Dean, Kogod School of Business, American University Anderson has found in this ancient board game the simple truths for achieving an effective boardroom. All managers can benefit from his analysis, which emphasizes the simple though elegant concepts that are at the core of strategic thinking.

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