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About The Book

Shawn Green’s career statistics can be found on the backs of baseball cards in shoe boxes across America: 328 home runs, 1,071 RBIs, .282 career batting average, All-Star, Gold Glove, Silver Slugger. . . . But numbers tell only part of the story.

His path to success was as grounded in philosophical study as in ballpark wisdom. Striving to find stillness within the rip-roaring scene of Major League Baseball—from screaming fans to national scandals— Green learned to approach the sport with a clear mind. In the tradition of Phil Jackson’s Sacred Hoops,

Green shares the secrets to remaining focused both on and off the field, shedding light on a signature approach to living by using his remarkable baseball experiences to exemplify how one can find full awareness, presence, and, ultimately, fulfillment in any endeavor. Following his development from inconsistent rookie to established All-Star to aging veteran,

The Way of Baseball illustrates the spiritual practices that enabled him to “bring stillness into the flow of life.” Requiring mastery of perspective and continual management of ego, the game of baseball afforded Green the opportunity to explore his potential as more than just a ballplayer. A treasure of practical wisdom and an intimate look at what it really means to “let go,” The Way of Baseball illuminates the creative possibilities within us all.

About The Author

Photograph © Tony Florez

Product Details

  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster (June 7, 2011)
  • Length: 224 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781439191217

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Raves and Reviews

“The greatest Jewish baseball player since Sandy Koufax fuses sports autobiography with Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.” — Kirkus Reviews

“A very unusual and satisfying chronicle of one man’s approach to his craft and to life.” — Booklist

“Green swears that his Eastern outlook and honed calm…allowed him, at his best, to feel “that the pitcher was now my partner in hitting rather than my opponent”; and, frankly it is difficult to argue with the man who, at his best, set the record for total bases hit in a game…Those who do not share Green’s earnestness…may nonetheless find it fruitful to suspend their unbelief and read Green’s slim book…for its technical discussions of hitting and its satisfying three-act tale of early success, midcareer setback and ultimate triumph.” —New York Times Book Review

“When it comes to writing about baseball, he’s an all-star…..A thoughtful and introspective look at the game.” — New York Post

“Green’s book is a quick read…but what could be a collection of generalities is instead a detailed look inside the mind of a former All-Star.” — The New York Times

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