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The Ring of the Seven Worlds

Illustrated by Matteo Piana

Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action/Adventure and Manga all blend into this Steampunk saga about interconnected worlds at the mercy of an invasion.

Seven planets linked to one another by the multidimensional gates of a giant ring. Only the passage to Nemo, one of the Seven Worlds, has remained sealed for three centuries in order to imprison its people after they savagely attacked the rest of the Empire. When the infamous gate reopens and unleashes the ancient enemy, Timo and Luce, two teenagers from the planet Mose, are caught up in a war they were not prepared to fight.

"The setting is very much itself: genuinely exoticism not appropriated from real-world cultures. Even so, it’s easy to relate to and resonates with all sorts of SF&F goodness… Tatooine, Clark Ashton Smith, Firefly, Studio Ghibli, Flash Gordon, perhaps even Tintin, and certainly modern Dr Who." - Black Gate "[...] it’s fascinating, and I quite enjoyed reading it. " - Michael Matheson | A Dark and Terrible Beauty "The Ring Of The Seven Worlds is by turns a fun and dark strange steampunk adventure. " - The Quietus