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The Right Women

A Journey Through the Heart of Conservative America

Despite feminist predictions that women's liberation would forge a national sisterhood steeped in common values and goals, today's most outspoken voices come from women who ironically embody the ideal of independence even as they denounce the principles of "old" feminism. Drawing on more than one hundred interviews, Elinor Burkett takes readers into the lives, minds, and hearts of conservative women, from prominent politicians like Elizabeth Dole to gun-toting militiawomen. Neither an attack on feminism nor a defense of antifeminism, The Right Women is an evenhanded and lively exploration of a movement that is rewriting the rules, not only for women, but for American society as a whole.

The New Yorker [An] exceptionally intelligent, humane book.

Cathy Young The Wall Street Journal A provocative and even fascinating book. The Right Women may mark a shift in how the media treat women's issues.

Catherine Hill The Boston Book Review Burkett provides a lively picture of fiercely independent, exuberant women who are reconfiguring the balance between tradition and nontradition.

Publishers Weekly Burkett talks to a wide range of women, from libertarians and Muslims to militia leaders, small business owners, African-Americans, home schoolers, and gun activists. The book stands out for the remarkable variety of profiles.

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