The Revenge of the Black Cat

Swiss Myths

Retold by Katja Alves

About The Book

In this collection, Katja Alves retells some traditional Swiss myths—exciting, funny, and sometimes gruesome tales from all four regions of the country. 

The exquisite illustrations were created by nineteen young artists who hail from Switzerland.

Illustrations by: Anda, Carole Aufranc, Silvan Borer, Paloma Canonica, Anna Deér, Lucie Fiore, Gregor Forster, Lea Gross, Sara Guerra Rusconi, Mira Gysi, Rina Jost, Patricia Keller, Rahel Messerli, Jakob Näf, Camille Perrochet, Eliane Schädler, Pia Valär, Adam Vogt, and Anna Weber. 

Raves and Reviews

Nineteen different illustrators were tasked with illustrating the tales, and their aesthetic sensibilities and approaches are as varied as the stories themselves...the book maintains a satisfying and attractive cohesiveness. A welcome addition to the folklore bookshelf.

– Kirkus Reviews

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