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The Real Reasons Men Commit

Why He Will - or Won't - Love, Honor and Marry You

About The Book

I need my space. We need to slow down. I’m just not ready to settle down yet.
Single women have heard all these excuses and more from the men in their lives. And with a growing number of people choosing not to marry at all, women who do want to get married are increasingly frustrated by men who, in the end, refuse to make that commitment. In this book, women will learn: how men really view commitment; what factors influence their decision to commit; the difference between cold feet and an intractable single-forever stance; which men are most likely to go the distance; strategies to persuade commitment-phobic men to take the chance on love and marriage; and more. With this book, women looking for commitment from their men can push them off the fence - and into the wedding chapel. Or, if they’re found wanting, simply cut them loose with that other famous line: Maybe we should see other people.

About The Authors

Joel D. Block, PhD, is a clinical psychologist, couples therapist, and author on relationships and sexuality. Some of his works include The Magic of Lasting LoveLove Affairs, and The 15-Minute Relationship Fix

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