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The No-Sugar Cookbook

Delicious Recipes to Make Your Mouth Water...all Sugar Free!

Learn to cut out sugar—but not taste—with this cookbook that features over 200 recipes!

If you are a person with diabetes, suffer from high blood pressure, or just want to cut sugar out of your diet, The No-Sugar Cookbook is for you! Edited by registered dietitian Kimberly A. Tessmer, this practical cookbook shows you how to sacrifice sugar but not flavor!

Features more than 200 recipes, including the following treats:
-Fruit Salsa
-Buckwheat Pancakes
-Chicken à la King
-Chocolate Cheesecake Mousse
-Honey Raisin Bars

All these recipes contain no added sugar or provide a healthier alternative sugar substitute—but still taste great! With The No-Sugar Cookbook, sugarfree food never tasted so sweet!

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