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The Marine

Struggling to adjust to life back at home, a discharged marine must rely only on his instinct and rage as he searches for the ruthless killers that take his wife hostage on a camping trip in the mountain.

Following a rescue mission in Afghanistan, discharged marine John Triton returns home to South Carolina and into the loving arms of his wife, Kate.Though happy to be home, Triton soon discovers that adjusting to a 'normal life' doesn't come easy for him. In fact, suppressing his intense training and strong survival instincts may be the greatest challenge he has ever faced.

That is, until a camping trip to the mountains results in an unfortunate encounter with five ruthless killers on the run, and Kate becomes their unwilling hostage. Left for dead, Triton relentlessly pursues his quarry deep into backwoods country, determined to get his wife back safely at any and all costs.

Wounded, unarmed, and outnumbered, Triton is left only with his wits and an almost-animalistic rage that made him an unstoppable killing machine in the frontlines overseas. The marine is waging a new war, and his enemies have no idea how much trouble they're in...

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