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The Last Loud Roar

Discover the enormous pressures for one man as he is driven to be the best player in his game as Bob Cousy recounts his days as a player for the Boston Celtics with a focus on his final game.

Beginning the journey of writing a book with a focus on his final game as a legendary point guard for the Celtics, Bob Cousy’s autobiography and basketball story will resonate with players and game-lovers everywhere.

Cousy shares an endearing and inspiring look back on his memories of preparing for game six of the 1963 NBA Finals, the same game that would lead to the Celtics’ fifth straight winning title.

Bob Cousy is a retired American basketball player known for his time as a point guard with the Boston Celtics. In 1957, he won the NBA Most Valuable Player Award. Following his time as a player, Cousy become a broadcast of Celtics games.

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