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As he lies in the hospital, the day after being caught in the crossfire of a presidential assassination attempt, journalist Jack Flynn has some serious questions. And he needs answers -- fast.
Why, during the closing stages of a cliffhanger reelection campaign, did the incumbent want to play golf with Jack, a man he'd never met? Why did the president offer Jack the job of press secretary in his new administration? Who was the gunman on the sixteenth green, eliminated by the Secret Service? And who is the mysterious phone caller who has just warned Jack that "nothing is as it seems"?
With just eleven days until the election, it's becoming clear that Jack has stumbled into the middle of a far-reaching conspiracy. And the biggest question of all: will he stay alive long enough to find out who's behind it?

Brian McGrory was a roving national reporter for the Boston Globe, as well as the Globe's White House correspondent during the Clinton administration. He is now a columnist in the newspaper's Metro section. The author of three bestselling thrillers -- The Incumbent, The Nominee, and Dead Line -- he lives in Boston. Find out more at

President Bill Clinton I read it right away and enjoyed it immensely.

Marlin Fitzwater Press secretary to Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush The human relationships of the presidency are revealed with warmth and flavor in this sparkling, fast-paced thriller about a newsman in the halls of power. It's a great read.

Mike McCurry Former press secretary to President Bill Clinton White House cover-ups, backstabbing press corps, lying pols, and cynical deadline reporting -- and I thought I had seen it all. The Incumbent is authentic, compulsive reading, a page-turner to the core.

Bob Woodward, Author of All the President's Men and The Agenda A dynamite book that is also wise. A real, genuine, classic political thriller.

The Boston Globe Riveting...that The Incumbent rises far above its genre does not make it any less effective as pure thriller. From the start, McGrory weaves a tension that grows taut as the drama of a frontier hanging...this first novel seem[s] the work not of a newcomer but of a master. As the best thrillers must, The Incumbent offers a tight, credible plot with a denouement as tense as a childhood dream of falling. What lifts it to art are McGrory's skill in characterization and his profundity of theme.

People McGrory has crafted a noteworthy first novel with heft and heart. Equally savvy about the electoral process, investigative journalism, and human nature -- yet still romantic at its core.

People [A] first-rate political candidate that deserves to win by a landslide.

Neal Travis New York Post The best political novel I've read in years.

Publishers Weekly (starred review) A superb first novel....Fans of Baldacci's Absolute Power or DeMille's The Lion's Game should plunge into McGrory's enticing plot, following Flynn and his makeshift allies and enemies through a complex and credible web of deceit.

The Denver Post Riveting...a strong debut for a talented writer.

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