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The Four Sacred Secrets

For Love and Prosperity, A Guide to Living in a Beautiful State

About The Book


In the bestselling tradition of The Four Agreements, learn how to access the hidden power of consciousness, shed anxiety, and cultivate a life of wealth and happiness with this eye-opening and accessible guide outlining the four keys to success—from the founders of the revolutionary O&O Academy.

From stress to calm.
From isolation to love.
From chaos to peace.
From lack to abundance.

The Four Sacred Secrets combines proven scientific approaches with ancient spiritual practices to take you on a journey that will open your mind to an extraordinary destiny.

Drawing on the power of our untapped consciousness, brilliant insights will help you find solutions to long-held challenges. The easy-to-follow meditations included in this book will transform your experience of reality and open you to the power of creating a beautiful life for yourself.

Including ancient fables and modern stories that will speak intimately to your heart, this life-transforming book fuses the transcendental and the scientific, the mystical and the practical, to guide you to consciously create wealth, heal your heart, awaken yourself to love, and help you to make peace with your true self.

The Four Sacred Secrets will cast its spell on you from the first page and guide you to life in a beautiful state.

About The Authors

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Preethaji is a philosopher, mystic, and cofounder of the O&O Academy. She offers courses in major cities around the world that lead people to the scientific and transcendental dimensions of consciousness. Her TEDx Talk, “How To End Stress, Unhappiness, and Anxiety to Live in a Beautiful State,” has reached more than two million people.

© OWA Holdings Pte Ltd.

Krishnaji is a philosopher, mystic, and cofounder of the O&O Academy, a philosophy and meditation school for transforming consciousness. He is a spiritual mentor to global leaders, and, along with his wife, Preethaji, and his daughter, Lokaa, he has cofounded two charities: World Youth Change Makers, an organization for youth leaders, and One Humanity Care, an organization that works to better the lives of villagers around O&O Academy in India.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Atria Books (August 6, 2019)
  • Length: 192 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781501173790

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Raves and Reviews

“Our definition of success is in dire need of an overhaul. As The Four Sacred Secrets shows, there’s a disconnect between what our culture tells us we need to do to be successful and what would make us happy. Like The Four Agreements, The Four Sacred Secrets taps into ancient wisdom to offer modern truths for a well-lived life, including how to let go of what’s weighing us down and truly connect with others and ourselves.”

– Arianna Huffington, founder and CEO of Thrive Global

“I have been very fortunate to have had the privilege of studying directly with Preethaji and Krishnaji, and I am so happy to share this book with you now, knowing you are holding in your hands a powerful blueprint. Within these pages is the information, lessons, guidance, and meditations that any of us can follow to unlock a beautiful state of being, which is the greatest gift you can give yourself and anyone around you. It will become your super power! If you follow the guidance, you can learn to free yourself from the self-centric thinking that we assign as “normal” and tap into oneness. It’s worth it.”

– Usher Raymond IV

“I have been a student of mindfulness and peak performance for more than three decades and I was completely blown away by this book. I believe it might be just that rarest of things in publishing: a self-help book for the ages, one that can change lives for decades to come. I feel honored to have read it.”

– Mark Sullivan, bestselling author of Beneath A Scarlet Sky

“In their enticing debut, husband and wife team Krishnaji and Preethaji, founders of the O&O Academy for enlightenment, offer advice on transforming consciousness to reject a self-centered world view and recognize oneness with all humanity. “The root cause of all suffering is obsessive self-centric thinking,” the authors write in their introduction, before mining personal experiences, fables, and meditation guides to help readers increase creativity, connect with others, and heal relationships. Four key practices are crucial to achieving this state: living with a “spiritual vision” (which they define as “to live fully, to connect deeply, to love totally”); discovering one’s inner truth through nonjudgmental self-awareness; connecting to the “universal intelligence” that surrounds everyone; and dissolving inner conflict in order to help others. While some of the key points are vague, the authors’ personal anecdotes and portraits of historical figures—particularly the chapter detailing Mahatma Gandhi’s spiritual transformation—provide the best examples of their teachings and make for the liveliest reading. In each section, the authors also offer mental exercises and writing prompts. Readers interested in meditation will find these lessons for uncluttering one’s mind useful.”

– Publishers Weekly

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