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The Four Noble Truths

A Guide to Everyday Life

The Buddha’s profound teachings on the four noble truths are illuminated by a Tibetan master simply and directly, so that readers gain an immediate and personal understanding of the causes and conditions that give rise to suffering as well as the spiritual life as the path to liberation. 

Experiential teachings on the Dharma by the Tibetan master Lama Zopa Rinpoche, written in a lively manner to inspire and motivate both general readers and experienced Buddhist practitioners to persist in understanding the nature or truth of suffering, its causes, and the remedies to secure the end of all suffering—the four noble truths of the path, the Buddha’s psychological method for us to break free from suffering. Speaks intimately and directly to the reader about how the principles of the four noble truths are to be applied to one’s day-to-day spiritual life as the path to liberation. 

"Lama Zopa Rinpoche is a true modern master of Tibetan Buddhism who has inspired thousands, including me. These fundamental teachings on the Four Noble Truths come from a wellspring of profound realizations and an equally vast commitment and capacity to help all beings."

– Richard Gere

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