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The Flight of the Falcon

From the author of The Falcon and The Snowman comes the revealing and shocking true story of the escape and hunt for one of America’s most wanted spies, Christopher “The Falcon” Boyce.

In June of 1977, Christopher Boyce was convicted as a Soviet spy. Almost three years later, Boyce escaped the maximum-security facility where he was imprisoned in California.

While working on a book about prison life, Boyce was simultaneously plotting his escape which would later lead to his successful break out using a wooden ladder made of two-by-fours to climb over the barbed wire fence trimmed with lethal razor-wire. From that day forward, Boyce would be the most wanted spy in America.

For the first time, Robert Lindsey tells the riveting story of Christopher “The Falcon” Boyce and his career as a spy living in America in this page-turning true story that reads like fiction complete with multiple pages of exclusive photos.