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The Everything Parent's Guide To The Strong-Willed Child

An Authoritative Guide to Raising a Respectful, Cooperative, And Positive Child

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About The Book

All children need guidance, yet some are definitely more resistant to parental direction and advice than others. Parenting a child whose personality may be described as "difficult" or "controlling" can leave you conflicted and frustrated. How do you nurture your child, get him to listen, and know who's in charge? It can be done. The Everything Parent's Guide to the Strong-Willed Child helps you work around stubborn and argumentative behavior. You'll learn how to encourage your child to compromise and communicate with you, rather than make unreasonable demands and/or shut down altogether. By learning what makes your child strong-willed, the effects of such behavior, and how to manage it, you can help your child achieve a more tempered disposition and teach him the lifelong rewards of a positive attitude. Psychologist Carl E. Pickhardt shows you how to:
  • Regain control of your family
  • Reap the benefits of healthy communication
  • Discipline to teach, not to punish
  • Resolve conflict between you and your child effectively
  • Overcome willfulness in older children
The Everything Parent's Guide to the Strong-Willed Child is your all-inclusive guide to regaining, and maintaining, a healthy and happy family.

About The Author

An Adams Media author.

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