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The Everything Kids' Math Puzzles for Kindergarten

Learn about Counting, Measuring, Adding, and More with 100 Fun Puzzles!

Help your kids master challenging math concepts with these 100 fun and interactive puzzles and activities—whether they’re learning at home or need extra practice outside of the classroom.

Math is hard, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! In The Everything Math Puzzles for Kindergarten your child can have fun while learning challenging math concepts from counting and numbers to simple addition, subtraction, and measurements. Unlike workbooks that teach through repetition, this puzzle book provides a fun and exciting supplement for kindergarteners everywhere so they can have fun while learning.

Hannah Whately is an elementary teacher, math education specialist, and blogger. Having taken time away from classroom teaching to raise her two young daughters, Hannah began creating math resources, including printable worksheets and games, for her online store on the education marketplace “Teachers pay Teachers.” In 2019 Hannah began her own website,, which aims to support parents, homeschooling families, and teachers by providing fun and high quality math resources and activities for children from preschool to grade four. Through her website, Hannah hopes to encourage and support parents to help their children learn math in a positive and enjoyable way. She lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in Canada with her husband and two daughters, ages six and three.

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