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The Everything Girls Super Cute Kawaii Fun Book

Tons of Creative, Fun Kawaii Activities--Doodles, Games, Crafts, and More!

Get ready for the cutest kawaii friends ever!

In Japan, kawaii means "cute," and what's cuter than fuzzy kittens, smiling flowers, and adorable berries? These lovable kawaii characters will melt your heart and leave you saying "aw" with every new page. Just imagine all the fun you'll have with characters like:

  • BeriBeri the strawberry
  • Meowy the kitten
  • Bunita the bunny
  • Puffit the cloud
  • Koni the ice cream cone
You'll have hours of fun drawing characters, doing puzzles, learning riddles, and telling jokes the kawaii way. No matter what level artist you are, you'll find step-by-step directions and examples for drawing your favorite new friends. So grab your girls and start having fun, kawaii-style!

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