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The Everything Father Of The Bride Book

A Survival Guide for Dad!

Part of Everything®

Surprise! You may never have thought the time would come-or else you've successfully resisted thinking about it - but your daughter's getting married! What does this mean for you? Engagement parties? Rehearsal dinners? Destination weddings?

With these thoughts and many others filling your head, you've got to be prepared to handle any situation-from requests for obscene amounts of money to dealing with your new in-laws.

The Everything Father of the Bride Book shows you how to:

  • Keep the bride cool and collected
  • Create a workable budget that everyone can agree on
  • Use diplomacy to figure out who pays for what
  • Smooth over family disagreements with tact and grace
  • Make sure that, above all, everyone is having fun!
If you can't stop thinking about how much you have to do before it's time for your daughter to say, "I do," The Everything Father of the Bride Book is the perfect guide to help get you to the church on time, too!

Shelly Hagen is a freelance writer and editor. She is the author of numerous wedding books for the Everything series, including The Everything Wedding Book, Third Edition. She is a graduate of Empire State College. Shelly lives in New York.

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