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The Everything College Survival Book

From Social Life to Study Skills--All You Need to Fit Right in

Part of Everything®

Starting college can be an intimidating step in anyone’s life, and The Everything College Survival Book is here to get you right into the swing of things.
From deciding on a major and succeeding in your academics to joining clubs and socializing, this updated guide will keep you stress-free and ready for anything!

This completely revised book shows you how to:

• Pack for the residence halls and live in peace with your roommate
• Beat the Freshman 15 and stay healthy
• Manage your study time and social life
• Avoid common pitfalls—such as drugs and alcohol
• Land a rewarding internship

No matter what stage of college you’re in, The Everything College Survival Book helps you overcome the challenges and appreciate the joys of this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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