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The Doodle Book

142 Fun Drawings You Can Finish Yourself

Published by Ulysses Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Unleash endless creative fun with this entertaining doodle book for kids from artist and author John Duggan.


•Be creative and have fun.
•Draw whatever you want.
•Go crazy. Get silly. Be totally original.

Every page is a new doodle idea! From employees stuck in boring meetings and presidents sitting with cabinet secretaries to kids on a long drive and students waiting for the lunch bell, everyone loves to doodle. But doodling can be much more than a way to pass the time. With pages that start a doodle and then invite the reader to finish it in a totally original way, this book offers doodlers a path to fun and creative discovery. Unlike coloring books that constrain the imagination by making readers stay within the lines, The Doodle Book encourages unlimited expression. It's filled with all types of doodle ideas, including friendly animals, silly people and funny scenarios. No matter how the doodle begins, each page is a fresh opportunity to draw something totally unique and exciting. And since this is only doodling, no drawing skills are needed. Doodling is about what one chooses to draw, not how well one draws it.

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