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The Cosmic Tribe Tarot

By (artist) Stevee Postman / Text by Eric Ganther
Published by Destiny Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster



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About The Book

• The first tarot deck for the neotribal technopagan from an avant-garde computer revolutionary

• The most revolutionary tarot deck to appear since Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot

• Synthesizes classic archetypal imagery with state-of-the-art electronic wizardry to create a deck that maps the modern psyche like never before

The Cosmic Tribe Tarot is the most revolutionary tarot deck to appear since Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot. Synthesizing classic archetypal imagery with state-of-the-art electronic wizardry, Stevee Postman has created a deck that maps the modern psyche like no other before. Drawing equally from nature, myth, psychedelics, and contemporary neopagan culture, The Cosmic Tribe Tarot speaks to the fears, hopes, and desires of a new generation. Without abandoning the traditional structure that has made the tarot a successful divination tool for centuries, Postman charges his deck with an erotic, mystical energy, showing that the modern tribal movement is at heart a spiritual one. Never before has a tarot so boldly reconnected the contemporary soul to the eternal cosmos.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Destiny Books (September 1, 1998)
  • Length: 208 pages
  • ISBN13: 9780892817009

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Raves and Reviews

"What a beautiful deck! The Cosmic Tribe Tarot has vitality, energy, hope, and pure joy."


"This is an unusual and provocative deck. The images are striking and evoke a fantastic view."

– Pangaia, Autumn 2000

"It is a riotously colorful, magical, and psychedelic deck."

– Tarot Newsletter, Summer 1999

"The images are amazing. I recommend this deck for anyone who is looking for a modern, multicultural deck, one that glorifies the human body in all of its forms."

– Michele Jackson,

"The whole book has a relaxed and creative feel. The vividness and energy of the cards will certainly inspire you to try it in readings."

– Lee Bursten,

"Stevee's art has the convincing feel of having been created by one who has been to the other side and can harness the most sophisticated technology to articulate the patterns of infinity and archetypal powers which are the fabric of our divine imagination. His tarot deck should become an instant classic."

– Alex Grey, author of Sacred Mirrors

"The Cosmic Tribe Tarot is a deck for the twenty-first century, full of imagery that is beautiful, provocative, and stimulating. This deck will make you reconceive everything you thought you knew about tarot."

– Starhawk, author of Spiral Dance and Dreaming the Dark

"The Cosmic Tribe Tarot has a decidedly lusty lean to it. Includes three variations on The Lovers, so that the querant may select the depiction of his/her own personal preference. This deck is a fairyland frolic through the landscape of the soul. As a tool for divination these cards provide endless possibilities for the intuitive reader to draw upon but for those who would like help, there is an illustrated guidebook complete with each divinatory meaning. With these cards he has taken a solemn and timeless tradition and imbued it with an irreverent dash of counter-culture spice. Postman's images stand unparalleled in their ability to tease the imagination and cast a glamour of enchantment for the reader."

– MAPS, 2000

"You must see The Cosmic Tribe Tarot. Every card bursts with hallucinatory power and beauty. Stevee Postman has created a deck for our time and for the ages: sensual and often humorous, yes--but also deeply potent and magical."

– Brian Williams, author of The Renaissance Tarot, The PoMo Tarot, and The Light and Shadow Tarot

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